Gabriel and I made the drive to Grandma’s house today!  He did fabulous in the car (praise the LORD) and we were here in no time.  The only hiccup to our drive was that I burned my fingers earlier this morning attempting to make some kombucha and poured boiling water on my hand.  I had my hand in a cup of ice water the whole 4 hour drive.  I kept thinking about how the couples in my childbirth classes must feel when I have them stick their hands in a bowl of ice so we can learn pain coping practices.  

I love visiting my mom because I feel like I am on vacation.  She cooks for me, picks up after me, and helps me with Gabriel.  This week she is watching two of my nieces while my brother and his wife pretend that they have no children.  I came down to keep my mom company and so that Gabriel could have some cousin time.

burn baby, burn!
Last week my computer crashed.  And since then my hubby and I have been using our backup piece of crap laptop that has missing keys.  That sorry excuse for a computer is NOT email or blog friendly, so I haven’t been able to doing any posts.  Now that I am at my mom’s house, however, I have access to her fancy laptop.  Horray!
I bought a new laptop and Dell is currently building it.  It’s red.  I cannot wait.  My husband and son will not be allowed anywhere near it.  Ever.
So that’s the latest and greatest.
I really should have entitled this “Stream of Consciousness” or something like that.
Love ya,
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