5 Days Old – Newborn Photoshoot

Here are the beautiful images that Mesa, of Mesa Cole Photography, captured of Eden during our newborn photoshoot when she was five days old.  I’m so grateful we did this photoshoot – we did not for my oldest child.  What a missed opportunity!  While I’m typing this my baby is almost 8 weeks old and looks so much different than when she was born.  Did you get pictures taken of your newborn baby?

Before Mesa came over and did the newborn photoshoot, I cranked the heat up in my home.  It was so hot!  However, baby was happy being naked with such a warm home.  Being less than one week postpartum I was definitely exhausted after the shoot… naps all around!


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    sarahkeith says

    No and I really wish we had!!! It was NOT a priority at the time but now I see it was definitely a missed opportunity :( Your photos are wonderful!

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