Homebirth Stories – Eden’s Birth Part I

Homebirth Stories – Eden’s Birth Part I (For another version of this story click here.)

Below is part one of this story, here is part two.

Two nights before my due date, I was having contractions and they were coming close, but I knew it wasn’t labor.  However, my whole pregnancy I had been worried that the midwife would not make it to my house in time –  that my baby would come too quickly.  Because I was GBS + and wanted antibiotics and I was afraid of a fast labor my midwife, Diana, ended up coming to me in the middle of the night only to have contractions space out by the time she got to my house.  Ooops.  Even doulas are allowed false alarms.

homebirth stories

homebirth stories

homebirth stories

homebirth stories

The next day I sent my husband and son off to the dentist and I got some sleep.  Once they came home it was time for naps and my husband went back to work.  Lots of napping!  In the late afternoon my son and I went walking around my neighborhood – curb walking – trying to get baby to come out.  He thought that was hilarious.  I was glad to make him laugh because honestly, I wasn’t the most friendly of mommies lately.  Later on that evening my neighbor offered to watch my son for us which I quickly took them up on the offer.  My husband I had some quiet alone time and ate dinner and watched some tv.

So here’s where I tell you my most appalling secrets.

homebirth stories

At my son’s birth my hair was OUT. OF. CONTROL.  And it really bothered me!  It bothered me during the labor and it bothered me postpartum when I looked at the photos.  I know, vain.  However, ever since then I said I would make sure my hair stayed decent at subsequent births.  I vowed to not get my hair wet unless it was absolutely necessary.   Here’s a photo of me straightening my hair the night I had prodromal labor.  Don’t judge me.

So fastforward, we picked up our son from our neighbor’s house, put him to bed and eventually we got in bed.  I was contracting every seven minutes or so.  Sometimes it was every ten minutes.  Sometimes more.  I decided to go to bed because if this was labor I was going to need rest.

homebirth stories

timing contractions

30 minutes later I had a wicked contraction and I had to get out of bed to cope through it.  Aha!  Maybe this was it!!!!  Contractions started to get more intense, and closer together.  This was something different so eventually I called my midwife and told her to come over and put an IV in my arm. 😉

While I was waiting for Diana I was prancing around the house getting everything ready.  I pulled out my ginger, crockpot, got on instagram a bit, lit a candle, tidied up a bit, texted some people, etc.  I was SO excited to meet my new child!  My elation far outweighed any discomfort I might have had with contractions.  Contractions were totally doable, I breathed through them and carried on with my life.

homebirth stories

Diana arrived around 2 am and checked me – 7 cm!  This was much better than the 3 cm I was the previous night with prodromal labor.  More prancing happened, more texts and then the IV.

Eventually my birth team started showing up and I honestly have no idea who came first or what time.  I had my midwife, her student, my friend, my two sister-in-laws, my husband and my photographer.  And my three year old woke up at 3 am.  Fun! 😉

My husband got my birth pool filled up and I got in in.  Man, are those birth pools wonderful!  So deep, warm water…. ahhhhhhhhh.  My pool was in my living room and so was everybody else in the house.

Every time I got in the pool I turned into chatty Cathy, which made me think it was keeping my labor too easy, so every so often I got out and went to my bathroom to pee and try to crank up my labor.  

Yes, I was the insane doula over thinking her birth, side lunging by herself in the bathroom trying to make things more painful all while making sure her hair stayed perfectly coiffed.

homebirth stories

homebirth stories

homebirth stories

homebirth storieshomebirth stories

homebirth stories

Here is part two!

birth story


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    alice says

    I didn’t even comprehend that home birth was a thing people did when I had my first… now after the drama with his nicu stay I’m not sure I have the courage to try one this time around.
    Would love to read part II

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