dōTERRA + Mother Rising

dōTERRA + Mother Rising

I am very excited to announce to you that this month I signed up with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate!

I am very excited!

I am new to dōTERRA but not essential oils.

DoTerraIPCHow it Started

My journey with essential oils began when I became a doula.  For years at births I’ve been using lemon essential oil for nausea and vomiting, lavender because it’s relaxing and smells amazing and peppermint for all the above.

  • Mixing orange and lavender smells AMAZING.
  • I’ve used peppermint postpartum to help a mama empty her bladder.
  • I put lavender oil on my collar to sniff when I’m not liking the birthing smells I’m smelling. ;)
  • I’ve sent essential oils on a cotton ball with a mom on her way to the OR for a cesarean birth.

AromaAce_diffuser-aloneDiffuser Love

Recently, I’ve discovered diffusers and I fell in love.  I love how I can infuse the air in my home or a birth space.  I feel like the air is cleaner and at the same time therapeutic.

  • I use lavender at bed time to help wind my insanely crazy five year old down.
  • When I diffuse lavender/orange at births I typically have nurses and OBs walk in the birth space, breathe deep and just relax.  EVERYBODY loves the oils!

So now, I’ve signed on as a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA and I’m starting the journey of dōTERRA + Mother Rising.

My Goals

My goals for dōTERRA + Mother Rising are to:

  1. Share the essential oil love with my friends, the online Mother Rising community and clients of Mother Rising Birth Services.  I want to help you!
  2. Learn more about the ways I can use essential oils in my home and with my family.  I prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical (but believe me, I’ll take some pain meds if I need them!).  I’m excited about using the blends dōTERRA makes!
  3. Grow the business side of dōTERRA so that I can purchase these high quality oils and products for minimal cost (hopefully FREE!).

Join with Mother Rising

If you are on the edge of signing up with dōTERRA (like I was for many months!) July has a really great promotion when you enroll.  Click here for more information.

OR you can email me at Lindsey@motherrisingbirth.com and I’ll send you more information!  Or if you’re already there join by clicking here.

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About Lindsey

Matt and Lindsey pregnantI've been pregnant five times, birthed two babies and mentored many women through doula work and childbirth classes.

After personally struggling with infertility, finding my voice during pregnancy, giving birth and adjusting through  an intense postpartum... I've discovered the mindset needed to rise into motherhood.

Now, I'm on a mission to help other mamas have a more informative, empowering and compassionate transformation.

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  1. 1

    Etall says

    Hi there, I’m 39 and had my first u/s at 4 weeks. At 6 weeks they couldn’t find the fetal pole. I decided to wait. My ob thought it wasn’t a viable pregnancy. I asked for an HCG test and sure enough my levels were going up. At 7 weeks we heard the heart beat and saw the fetal pole. At 10 weeks the Doppler was used and we couldn’t hear the heart beat. So the n/p advised to to an transvaginal ultra sound. We saw the baby. It was hard to locate it, but we didn’t hear a heart beat. Tomorrow, I’m being asked to go to radiology for another u/s. I have no signs of bleeding, I’m still sick and my breasts are still very tender. I’m so worried. I can get pregnant on my own, but I’ haven’t been able to make it to 12 weeks. I was extra careful this time around. Please advise if I should ask for something tomorrow. Is there a clinic that caters for women at my age? I’m terrified to know the end result tomorrow. My baby in the image changed dramatically where I could see arms, a head, his bottom.

    • 2

      Lindsey Morrow says

      Hi there! I really understand the spot you’re in. I’ve been there… and I’m so sorry. Ugh, I wish I could give you a big hug.

      I hated the waiting… I got so anxious it made me almost sick! One thing that helped me while I was waiting was to be thankful because at that moment I was pregnant. Any time you can come back to the present moment with words of gratitude or noticing your breath you will find an increase of peace and calm.

      I don’t have any advice for you as I think you’re doing all you can. Keep me posted.

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