The Story of My Birth


This year on my birthday my mother re-told my birth story.  I thought I’d share a little bit of it for you. Above: My mom and I, Below: My Grandma and my 2 brothers The evening before I was due, my mother, father, two brothers, aunt and grandmother went to a childbirth class at the […]

Water + Doula = Ahhhhhh


I just wanted to share this photo with you.  I love it.  It shows just one of the ways that a doula can be helpful at your birth – pouring water over your body in an effort to help cope through transition contractions.  One breath at a time, one contraction at a time. Love, Lindsey […]

Birth Without Fear


It is possible to give birth without fear. While observing a local childbirth class this past weekend, I was reminded of how it is somewhat normal to be fearful, apprehensive and squeamish when it comes to childbirth. I actually find this quite ironic considering women’s lib – women are strong, women can achieve whatever they […]

Pain with A Purpose | Mother Rising

Pain with a Purpose Childbirth intensity & pain is NOT the same as breaking your arm, stubbing your toe, getting a vaginal exam, or passing kidney stones.  When I was pregnant, I was often asked how I reacted to the pain of stubbing my toe – how I coped through such pains.  I usually held my […]