Soften The Pain, Open Your Eyes


In my current Birthin’ Again childbirth class we have had some fantastic pain coping discussions.  Our discussions have been pretty juicy since all the moms have given birth before.  They have gone through it, and understand the pain coping mindset needed to give birth. When we were talking about Breath Awareness or Non-Focused Awareness one [...]

The Story of My Birth


This year on my birthday my mother re-told my birth story.  I thought I’d share a little bit of it for you. Above: My mom and I, Below: My Grandma and my 2 brothers The evening before I was due, my mother, father, two brothers, aunt and grandmother went to a childbirth class at the [...]

Water + Doula = Ahhhhhh


I just wanted to share this photo with you.  I love it.  It shows just one of the ways that a doula can be helpful at your birth – pouring water over your body in an effort to help cope through transition contractions.  One breath at a time, one contraction at a time. Love, Lindsey [...]

Pain with A Purpose | Mother Rising

Pain with a Purpose Childbirth intensity & pain is NOT the same as breaking your arm, stubbing your toe, getting a vaginal exam, or passing kidney stones.  When I was pregnant, I was often asked how I reacted to the pain of stubbing my toe – how I coped through such pains.  I usually held my [...]

Your Birth Songs

If you were to be sung to, in the most helpful, soulful, non-intrusive and encouraging way during your labor and birth, what songs would be sung to you?  Would you sing too?  What type of music would it be?  Who would be singing?  Does any of the songs have anything in common with each other?  [...]

Mom, I’m Getting An Epidural


When I got married to my husband in 2004, conversations with my mom sometimes took to the topic of pregnancy and childbirth.  Becoming a mother and grandmother was now a real possibility!  My mom, a strong supporter of natural childbirth, would put in a good word here and there about “going natural” and not using [...]