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Fertility Cleanse for Pregnancy

I have had lots of people ask many questions about the fertility cleanse I am doing so I decided it would be helpful to share all the details of how and why.

Fertility Cleanse Warning

Before I start, I want to clarify that I am not pregnant nor am I breastfeeding. A cleanse is not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please wait until your baby has weaned to even think about doing something like this.

Why a Fertility Cleanse?

I decided to do a cleanse because I felt yucky. I felt tired all the time and I was feeling the effects of binging on sugar. I was eating a lot of sugary things, lots of carbs and my beverage of choice was coke. (I love coke. It’s so evil. And yet, so tasty.)

I wanted to make some changes in my diet and I felt like doing a 30 day cleanse would give me the umph I needed to succeed. I have said over and over to myself and others that I wanted to stop drinking coke, but it just never happened. I had no plan. This time, I camp up with a plan!

I also wanted to do a cleanse because ever since I weaned Gabriel in May, I have gained 10 pounds. TEN pounds. Ten pounds on me is ridiculous. And I think I was in the habit of eating more as a breastfeeding mother, and needed help adjusting to my new caloric intake.

I also wanted to do a cleanse before I became pregnant with baby #2. Once you get pregnant, everything that was in your body stays in your body for a very, very long time. I got pregnant with Gabriel in October of 2008 and he didn’t wean until May of 2011. That is a LONG time. I wanted to dyson my body, clean it out so I could have a fresh start and give this next baby a healthy beginning.

Here are the goals I had when I started my cleanse:

  • Complete the entire cleanse system from start to finish
  • Get in the habit of taking my multi-vitamin again
  • Take extra fiber, omegas and probiotics every day
  • Not drink juice, soda or any other sugary drinks
  • Eat more whole foods and less/no processed foods
  • Drink green smoothies, water, teas (unsweetened), and kombucha
  • Not eat sugar desserts
Sound scary? I was motivated and pumped.

Fertility Cleanse: Products I Bought

I started asking questions and a friend suggested I use the Renew Life Cleanse Smart system. I trusted her advice because she has actually done the same thing for the same reason. I went to the Renew Life website, did some of my own research and I decided to buy the system.

I bought the

  1. Cleanse Smart kit
  2. A 30 day supply of Fiber Smart and
  3. A 30 day supply of Oil Smart

I spent about $60 – $70.


Fertility Cleanse: Snack and Drink Ideas

Today I am on day 16 of the cleanse and I feel fabulous. The first week was VERY difficult. I would roam my kitchen, moan (aloud or in my head I can’t recall) and fantasize about cookie dough, coke, and cupcakes.

During this fertility cleanse I am eating…

  • almonds
  • trailmix
  • kombucha
  • popcorn
  • cheese
  • lots and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables

I have gotten in the habit of saying no to desserts, and brewing my favorite hibiscus tea to drink. My husband and son have been drinking the tea too and they really like it! It has a wonderful pink color, and I think that helps.

I haven’t lost much weight, but I definitely feel less bloated. My energy level seems more normal now. I don’t have intense fatigue in the afternoons. I feel tired when I am supposed to be tired, and energetic when I am supposed to feel energetic.

So that’s the how and why of the 30 day cleanse I am on.

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Wednesday 13th of July 2011

Brenda Watson came to Tallahassee and did a talk on cleansing, eat right for your type and eliminating parasites about 13 years ago. I bought her Cleanse Smart and loved it. I have done them a few times as well as a few of her other products and find them to be of good quality and gentle. When I started it I reminded myself of how my body will benefit from the cleansing and with that objective in mind I got through it and felt wonderful, more mentally than physically, but I do know that my body benefited from it. EnJOY!