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Placenta Encapsulation Photos

By popular request, below are some photos from the placenta encapsulation process that happened earlier this week. If you’ve never heard of using your placenta postpartum or are wondering why some women would do this, here are a few of the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Increased milk supply, increased energy, hormonal regulation, and assistance with anemia. It’s a perfectly healing food made for you by YOUR body.

This was no ordinary placenta. It had a succenturiate lobe, which I just refer to as extra placenta. 😉

Gently steaming for the Traditional Chinese Medicine method.

The cord.

I spent a good bulk of my time cleaning and disinfecting my kitchen and my tools. Keeps everybody safe – me, my family, my client and future clients!

Ready for dehydrating.

Grinding it up!

Finished product!

To book me for placenta encapsulation please email me at lindsey at motherrisingbirth dot com or call me at 850 339 2606 OR you can use the contact form on my website.


Tuesday 24th of July 2012