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By Mother Rising

Tips for Baby's First Christmas

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Set Your Expectations


“Have low expectations for yourself. When my daughter arrived on Thanksgiving, I tried to fulfill my holiday bucket list – things to do, baking, buying gifts, etc., instead of just chilling with my newborn. Enjoy the season and your new baby! Next year when you have a one year old, the holiday festivities will be more fun!”

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Limit Baby's Gifts


For a baby 12 months and under, put effort into the wrapping.

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prepare in advance


If you know you’ll have a baby during the holiday season, anything you can do ahead of time to prepare in advance will serve you well.

Consider Freezer Cooking

This isn’t the year to cook things from scratch.

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practice boundaries with family


I try to remember that family isn’t trying to be cruel or demanding they just want to help because being a new mother, or even just adding a new addition can be so overwhelming. I try to just take their advice and say “I think we are ok right now but I’ll remember that for if we need it”. 

Expect to Feel Big Feelings

I think it’s important for new parents to expect to feel isolation (and other tough emotions) at some point during the holidays.

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About Mother Rising

I hope that through Mother Rising you will have a healthy pregnancy, a natural birth, and a happy postpartum.

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