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Do Chickens Lay Eggs out Their Anus? | Mother Rising

I have decided to start a weekly series called Wisdom on Wednesdays where I hope to share with you some random trivia that I’ve learned during the week. It may not have anything to do with pregnancy, childbirth or newborns, but it will be interesting…

Let’s start off with something everyone has wondered about at some point in their lives.

Do chickens lay eggs out their anus, their vagina, or is it some special egg hole?

Stephanie from Mama And Baby Love discussed this with me last week. The conversation started when I mentioned that we’d gotten a chicken that Gabriel had named Bobby. Other than being fairly confident that it needs food and water, I know almost nothing about chickens.

We talked about chicken foods, watering systems, eggs, and yep, (maybe because we both are birth junkies?) what type of hole does the egg come out of.

I mean… is it the chicken’s butt? If so, that is a seriously bad design because chicken poop smells like rotten cigarette butts. I decided that it couldn’t be the butt, because I know that chicken eggs are sterile when laid. We decided to consult Google on the matter. Oh yes, we found answers, but I felt that this time ignorance may really have been bliss.

Chickens DO lay eggs out of their anus! But, it’s not as bad as you think.


The egg, poop and urine (which for a chicken isn’t a liquid) exits out of the same hole (aka, the vent, as you can see above).

BUT, when an egg comes out, the chicken’s Cloaca is turned inside out so that the egg cannot come in contact with the intestines (fecal matter nastiness).

Here’s a link for the whole story.


I’m happy to report that egg laying is not a bad design.

Chicken poop does not come in contact with eggs, unless a chicken decides to walk in it and then put her talons (that makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite) on her eggs.


Tuesday 15th of November 2022

God told me urine is sterile and if you drink it you become immune to COVID, which he created and I quote "to thin out the heard". He says he sick of all you bible thumpers passing judgement on your fellow man and doing it in his name. He says he gave you ignorant freaks a book of written instructions but you turned out to be too stupid to actually read it and follow the lessons instead you run around waving it in the air and using it as a weapon against your fellow human. He eagerly awaits your judgement day and keeps his pimp hand strong. So when your judgement comes he can reach back like a pimp and slap you like the dumb ignorant hoes you are.

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Saturday 15th of October 2022

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Friday 17th of June 2022

So there is a separate orifice for eggs and for waste...they are separate, as the picture shows, but they are both under the sphincter flap that contracts to expell either an egg or a bolus of waste (as you said, both feces and the white urine excreament!) why did God design this like this? Efficiency! Same reason he put a ..."...playground next to a sewage plant! (ForgettingSara Marshall)" It was a funny movie! So don't bring God into do so only shows how much you need to know Him! God's Love, Mary

Trena Eiden

Tuesday 31st of May 2022

While it may be a “sterile” process, chickens tend to poop in their nests and the egg gets dropped there, thus, eggs are not sterile. They do have a protective coating so we don’t wash our eggs until we eat them.


Friday 21st of January 2022

This is not all that incredible. Steve Irwin the Downunder crocodile man discovered a river turtle that could breath air through it's but hole when it was downside up as it fed in the river. It is now known as the Irwin Turtle. Look it up if you like.

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