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Tallahassee Placenta Encapsulation

Mother Rising is here to help you have a happy postpartum. Offering the highest quality placenta encapsulation in the metro Tallahassee area.

Why placenta encapsulation?

Most women interested in placenta encapsulation are hoping to 

  • decrease their chance of a postpartum mood disorder
  • stabilize hormones
  • increase energy levels
  • decrease pain
  • increase breastmilk production

Consuming your placenta postpartum and has been shown to help balance your system, replenish depleted iron, give you more energy, lessen postpartum bleeding, increase milk production, and hasten return of the uterus to the pre-pregnancy state.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired (TCMI) method is the oldest recipe we have for placenta encapsulation; it has been done the longest in Chinese culture. The signature of this method is the steaming step. In TCMI theory, the process of labor and birth leaves a lot of open, empty space, which is considered very yin, or cold. Therefore, one major way we can promote healing during the postpartum period is to add yang energy via heat. Raw placenta is considered extremely cold, and therefore inappropriate for extended use during the first few months after birth. I therefore incorporate steam, and the final result is warming, tonifying, and nourishing for postpartum.

Placenta Encapsulation Pricing

$250 Basic Package

Includes: Pick up, preparation, delivery of encapsulated placenta and a 2 ounce salve.

$275 Deluxe Package

Includes: Basic Placenta Encapsulation Package PLUS a placenta tincture.

About the Placenta Tincture

Putting part of your placenta in tincture form is another way to stretch out its longevity. A small portion of placenta is added to 100 proof alcohol and set to ferment for six weeks. Some of the benefits include hormone stabilization in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, energy and for menopause years down the road. The tincture can be used in any time of trauma, transition and emotional distress. The female child can also benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstruation cycles. Tinctures, when stored properly last indefinitely. They are created with organic alcohol and presented to you in an amber dropper bottle. Tinctures will be delivered in 6 weeks.

Got Placenta Questions?

I bet you have questions! You’re in luck because I have answers.

Contact me and I’ll send you a Tallahassee placenta encapsulation information (pdf) packet that will answer many of your questions and we will go from there.

Email: lindsey at motherrisingbirth dot com
Text: 850 three three nine 2606.


Saturday 25th of May 2019

Hi! How long does it take you to encapsulate a placenta? And do the tinctures and salves?


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

About 24-48 hours.