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Hi there! I’m Lindsey VanAlstyne, the childbirth educator behind Mother Rising. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy.

Learn the foundational elements to a healthy pregnancy, how to remedy common pregnancy ailments, ways to have more fun, and much more!

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First Trimester

Learn about the first signs of pregnancy, morning sickness remedies, books to read in the first trimester, important to-do’s in the first trimester, and more with Mother Rising’s tips and advice for the first trimester!

Morning Sickness Remedies

It’s hard to feel excited about being pregnant when nausea and vomiting are the main focus. Morning sickness is no fun! Use Mother Rising’s tips and tricks for Morning Sickness to feel better quickly in the first trimester.

Second Trimester

Learn the benefits of adopting a holistic mindset during the second trimester of pregnancy! Explore natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments, books to read in the second trimester, creating a natural baby registry, and more!

The second trimester is when parents begin to feel more “normal” – morning sickness symptoms ease and third trimester aches and pains haven’t yet set in. The second trimester is a good time to have fun! Use Mother Rising’s second trimester fun checklist for ideas to have a good time.

Third Trimester

Welcome to the third trimester! The third trimester is the home stretch, the final weeks before delivery. The biggest task of the third trimester is to try to stay comfortable, and prepare for labor and delivery. Familiarize yourself with end of pregnancy symptoms like braxton hicks contractions and other early signs of labor.

The Latest Posts on Healthy Pregnancy

The latest resources, articles, and inspiration for experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Enjoy! :)