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Lindsey of Mother Rising – Your Tallahassee Doula

Looking for a Tallahassee doula? Curious what a doula is? I’ve got you. 

What is a birth doula?

A doula (doo’-luh) is a Greek word referring to a woman experienced in birth who helps other women while they give birth. A birth doula is a woman trained and experienced in childbirth, who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a woman during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

When compared to women who did not receive continuous support, those who received continuous support were less likely to:

  • have an epidural or other “regional” analgesia
  • use any type of pain medication (including narcotics)
  • give birth by cesarean section
  • give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps
  • be dissatisfied with or give a negative rating to their childbirth experience (Hodnett and colleagues 2004)

What factors most contribute to women’s satisfaction in childbirth?

In considering whether to make arrangements for labor support, it may be helpful to consider results of research about satisfaction in childbirth. A systematic review of the best available research (Hodnett 2002) finds that the following four factors make the greatest contribution to women’s satisfaction in childbirth:

  • having good support from caregivers
  • having a high-quality relationship with caregivers
  • being involved in decision-making about care
  • having better-than-expected experiences, or having high expectations.

Arranging for labor support may make a big difference in your satisfaction!

Tallahassee Doula Pricing

Birth Doula Package: $2000

Includes: A meet and greet, 1 prenatal visit, your entire birth, an on-call backup doula, and 1 postpartum visit.

Want more postpartum support? Consider hiring a postpartum doula.

Got Tallahassee Doula Questions?

I bet you have questions! You’re in luck, because I have answers.

Contact me for availability with your due date and we will go from there. 

Tallahassee Doula Reviews

“As someone unsure of whether I wanted a natural birth experience or an epidural, I was hesitant to hire a doula for fear of feeling “judged” if I did wind up with an epidural. After talking with Lindsey for a few minutes, I realized that- in the true spirit of a doula- she is in it to serve the mother’s needs, not to promote her own agenda (like I feared). I thought she would be put off by the fact that I was having my birth at the hospital, and she quickly reassured me that she had aided in births at TMH many times. That being said, Lindsey is the reason that I was able to deliver naturally. As excited as my husband was about having a baby, he was clueless as to the best thing to say in each stage of labor and Lindsey was able to provide a soothing and encouraging voice, while my husband just held my hand. He never felt like Lindsey had “replaced” him in his role at the birth. If Lindsey had not warned us about the hospital nurses’ tendency to try and bottle feed babies way too early, my son and I might never have established a good latch. As far as out of hospital support, Lindsey met with me twice before the birth to provide invaluable information (we even worked on poses to try and help turn my son from sunnyside up), she met with me once postpartum to discuss breastfeeding and babywearing, and she still checks in with me every now and again to see how my new family is doing. I would absolutely use Lindsey again for my second child and recommend her unhesitatingly. ~Adelaide Mitchell

A doula myself, I was certain I would want a doula at my birth. It’s one thing to be with a birthing woman, a whole different thing to be the birthing woman. I found Lindsey through a mutual friend and when we met I knew she was right for our envisioned birth. I am very thankful we chose Lindsey as our doula. She brought so much to our experience: I tend to be a more physical and mental person and she helped me focus on the spiritual and emotional side as well. She helped us emotionally prepare for experiencing birth beforehand; she provided a quiet strength that made me feel empowered during labor; and she has been a huge help to me in processing my birth experience. I am proud of what we accomplished during our time together while our daughter was being born and appreciate that our birth plan was followed completely. Birth was an incredible experience and I am so grateful she was there on my biggest day. ~Leslee Boldman

I feel very lucky to have had Lindsey as my doula. I had a natural drug-free labor and delivery and there’s no way I could have done that without her emotional and physical support. All in all it was a very good birthing experience. ~Esti Loeub

My husband and I hired Lindsey to be our doula after taking her childbirth class. Neither of us knew much about doulas, but about halfway through the class we decided she would be the perfect person to have by our side at the birth of our daughter. I knew Lindsey’s knowledge and experience would be just what I needed to help me have the natural childbirth that I wanted. When Lindsey came to our house a few weeks before the birth, I knew we had made the right decision. She always made me feel so calm and comfortable….two things that don’t come naturally to me! My labor ended up being extremely fast. We were only at the hospital for two hours! Luckily Lindsey was able to be by my side the entire time. From the minute I heard her voice in the room with me, I felt reassured and my confidence was renewed! Lindsey gave me verbal and physical support the whole time, suggesting position changes, giving me much needed words of encouragement, and keeping me hydrated. She did most of the communicating with the doctor and nurses as well, knowing that I was in no frame of mind to do it myself! The birth of our first child was an amazing experience, and I am so thankful that Lindsey was a part of it . I truly don’t know if I could have done it without her! ~Sarah Young

We hired Lindsey to be our doula for the birth of our first child. My husband said that it was the best money he ever spent. Having a doula, Lindsey, present with us gave us the much needed emotional and physical support. It helped having her knowledge of childbirth and calming presence there with us in the labor and delivery room. Whether it was holding my hand, wiping the sweat from my forehead, or just telling me what a good job I was doing: Lindsey was there. Because of her support I had a natural childbirth (no drugs, no epidural). I don’t think I could have done that without Lindsey. She was wonderful. We have remained in contact since then. I consider her a friend. ~Erica K.

I interviewed 3 doulas and felt an instant connection with Lindsey. And since my doula would see me at my strongest, weakest, most needy moment in my life, I chose her. We met 2 times before my birth and after each time, I felt more relieved with my choice in picking her as my doula. I credit me not even fearing my non medicated birth to her strength and constant ease of mind. I knew with her by my side, I could do anything. She amused me while I sent her many texts the couple weeks leading up to me being in labor. You would have thought this was my 1st time being in labor! In a way it was, as last time, I begged for an epidural instantaneously. As soon as I felt like this was the real deal, she came over and never left my side until my baby girl was born. With every contraction, she knew what my body needed to ease the pain. And if that didn’t work, she had another position. What amazed me the most about Lindsey during my labor was how calm she was and how much love she gave me which helped me push through the most painful moments in my life. And I can promise you, that last hour before Samantha was born, it was not a pretty sight! With Lindsey verbally, physically, and emotionally being there for me cheering me on saying I can do this, this home birth was possible. There were many moments I did not think I could push forward and was ready to give up. She had nothing to do with that. She knew my body was close and just needed to take each breath as it came and every contraction as it came. She helped me become a warrior and for that, there are no words great enough to thank her. ~Tabitha L.

My daughter’s birth was amazing and beautiful, and Lindsey played an incredibly intrinsic role in making it so. It’s been nearly 21 months since my little girl was born and I am 37 weeks along with my second child, and you can bet I have Lindsey booked for this birth as well. She was everything my husband and I wanted and needed, providing expert guidance and support through my natural labor and delivery at TMH. Lindsey helped me move around to keep labor going, massaged my lower back, rubbed my arms and nurtured me in other ways I probably don’t even remember during my journey through “Laborland.” She also made sure the hospital staff stuck to our birth plan, and she asked them questions that I couldn’t begin to communicate in words (i.e. “Is the doctor wiling to deliver this baby on the floor of the bathroom because Denise doesn’t want to move?” The answer was “yes,” btw). I really think choosing Lindsey as our doula was the best decision my husband and I made during my pregnancy and I would recommend her a thousand times over to anyone interested in a doula. ~Denise H.

What encouragement she was in a time of stress and fear. The steadfast voice we needed in the moments of concern and worry. Though I ended up with a C-section do to the baby’s heart rate deceling dangerously low, Lindsey was the peaceful reassurance that whatever came our way was “the next best thing”. I will never forget her impact on our birth experience and the comfort we received from her presence. ~Amy D.

I spent my pregnancy very worried that my overbearing mother and grandmother would somehow disrupt my birth and keep me from having the natural birth experience I wanted. Upon our first meeting, I knew that Lindsey was up to the task. As it turned out, she was the perfect companion through labor. We laughed, talked, (and texted in the wee hours of the morning…sorry!); Lindsey held my hand (both figuratively and literally) through the entire process. My birth was the best experience I could have had and that was due, in large part, to Lindsey’s guidance and comfort. ~M.F.