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Tallahassee Postpartum Doula

After giving birth to my son, I was sleep deprived to the point of giddiness, my breasts were engorged and my body was incredibly sore and slow moving.

Gabriel was a typical baby – he always wanted to be held and nursed around the clock. I expected this, which helped immensely to my postpartum recovery. But what really made my postpartum recovery AMAZING was my mother, who was my postpartum doula.

My mother showed up eight hours after his birth (we were home three hours after he was born) and quickly got to work. She made sure we were fed, gave baby care advice when we asked, did light household chores & cleaning and offered breastfeeding help.

This support was invaluable to us, and my husband was noticeably calmer after she arrived. My husband and I were able to focus on the truly important task at hand – caring for our new baby, allowing my body to heal, and transitioning from a family of two to three.

For us, my mother was a perfect fit for the role of postpartum doula. She helped where I needed help instead of simply holding the baby. She wasn’t overbearing but gave my family the space to figure some things out for ourselves.

Every new mother has a need to be mothered. Understandably, your mother or mother-in-law may not be the best fit for a postpartum doula. Enter the professional postpartum doula.

Your Tallahassee Postpartum Doula

postpartum doula is an experienced support professional that serves a family as they adjust to life with a newborn. Lindsey will come to your home and tailor her work around your needs.

As a postpartum doula Lindsey might…

  • Help prepare nourishing meals
  • Provide breastfeeding support
  • Help with infant care and soothing 
  • Performs light housework and home organization 
  • Make referrals to community resources hand-picked for your needs

Postpartum Doula Pricing

The fee for this service is $30/hour between the hours of 8am and 8pm and $40/hr for the overnight hours of 8pm-8am.

Contact Lindsey

Contact Lindsey to set up an initial consultation and we will go from there.