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Planning a hospital birth? Here’s the best advice for a natural hospital birth and some things parents need to know about having a hospital birth.

Birth in America

Most American women plan for a hospital birth. Most hospital births are highly medicalized experiences, with an external locus of control. The United States has the worst birthing statistics for women and babies, especially women of color, compared to other first world countries.

However, research shows that the more involved parents are in the decision making process at birth, the more satisfaction they will have with their experience, no matter what happens. Research also shows that an unmedicated birth increases positive birth outcomes for both mothers and their babies. (Study about breastfeeding and medicated birth. Study about cesarean birth and baby’s microbiome. Interesting information about birth in the US.)

Preparing for a Hospital Birth

As a childbirth educator, my goal for parents planning a hospital birth is to learn

  1. About the birthing process and their body’s innate ability to give birth
  2. How to navigate medical model of care and master informed decision making
  3. About themselves, pain management, and become more confident in their ability to cope through labor pain

Learning these three things sets parents up for an empowered natural hospital birth!

Hospital Birth Plan

Packing a hospital bag for birth is important, but creating a birth plan and understanding birthing options is critical to having a safe and satisfying hospital birth. A birth plan helps parents explore their options prenatally, helping them to better understand their preferences. Do parents want to…

NOTE: Sign up for a hospital tour to better understand hospital protocol and birthing options.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

VBAC is a safe option for many parents. It’s important to know that most women planning a VBAC will do so at their local hospital. Contact local doulas to better understand if VBAC is encouraged or not in your community. Use Mother Rising’s VBAC tips and read VBAC books to become fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

Cesareans Birth

Cesarean birth is the most common reason a woman will have surgery. Depending on where you live, cesarean rates can fluctuate anywhere from 15-50%! Because it’s so common, it’s important to prepare for a cesarean without expecting one.

Most women don’t think a cesarean will happen to them, and don’t want to spend time learning about cesareans. Learning about a gentle cesarean does not make it more likely to happen. It does, however, help parents prepare for a cesarean birth if that became their next best thing

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