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At Mother Rising, we believe there is great merit in sharing birth stories with each other.

Why Share Birth Stories?

Knowledge and Inspiration

When we listen to others’ stories, we learn new things and become inspired, which changes the course of our lives for the better.


And when we share our stories, there is an immense potential for healing – mind and body.

Strength and Support

By listening and sharing, women give and receive strength and support from one another, which is so desperately needed in our isolated culture, especially post 2020.

Birth Stories @ Mother Rising

By publishing our collective stories, I envision Mother Rising to become a catalyst for women to receive strength, healing, inspiration, and knowledge. Your story needs to be heard. I’d love to publish your story on this website!

Birth Stories | Mother Rising

The following is a list of birth stories published on Mother Rising. For more information on publishing your story scroll allllll the way down.

Abdaly Jr.’s Birth Story – an Unexpected Cesarean Birth

Christi’s Birth Story – A Natural Hospital VBAC

Lauren’s Birth Story – A Planned Hospital Induction

Everly’s Birth Story – A Natural Hospital Birth

Homebirth in the Hospital Birth Story

Eden’s Birth – A Homebirth Story

Gabriel’s Birth – A Birth Center Birth Story

Share Your Birth Story

Want to share your story? Send it my way! (I can’t wait to read it.)