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Home birth, is a practice that has gained increasing popularity in recent years. It’s also the choice of many expectant parents who desire a more intimate and personalized birthing experience. In contrast to hospital birth, an out-of-hospital birth allows women to labor in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Parents often surround themselves with loved ones, and receive care from a midwife, childbirth assistant, and sometimes a doula when birthing at home.

With its emphasis on natural childbirth and empowering women to take control of their bodies, an out-of-hospital birth at home is wonderful option for those seeking an alternative approach to labor and delivery.

Get Started!

Curious about home birth and not sure where to start? Many parents find watching birth documentaries an easy way to survey the landscape of birth. Birth documentaries highlight all kinds of birth, but also the postpartum experience, breastfeeding, and more!

Birth Stories

Love a good birth story? Me too! From empowering moments of strength and resilience, to unexpected challenges and triumphs, home birth stories offer a glimpse into the experiences of bringing new life into the world within one’s own home.

Homebirth Transfer

Homebirthers often wonder about what happens when a hospital transfer becomes necessary. A transfer to the hospital is usually parents’ biggest fear! Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to face these worries and learn more. You can give birth without fear!

Getting Ready for Homebirth

Preparing for an out of hospital birth involves careful planning and gathering of essential supplies. From siblings observing, to birthing pools and sterile gloves, make sure to have the necessary supplies for a safe and comfortable birth experience at home.

Birth Affirmations

For any type of birth, use birth affirmations for encouragement through pregnancy, the hardest parts of birth, and beyond!

Homebirth Photos

See the affirmations hung in the photo below? Those are Mother Rising’s birth affirmations hung on the backboard of a bed while a mama works hard through her contractions at home. Keep scrolling and you’ll see that it’s true – babies do come out! ;)

Photo Below: Woman in labor kneeling on floor, elbows on bed as if she’s praying. While coping through a contraction she holds the hands of her husband, who is lying on the bed with his head close to hers.

Family using printable birth scriptures during labor while woman kneels next to bed during a contraction while holding her husband's hand.

Photo Below: Big brother being held by dad, meeting his new baby brother for the first time!

Big brother meets new baby after birth with birth scriptures hung above new mother in bed.

Photo Below: The whole birth team (midwife, student midwife, childbirth assistant) + the whole fam! Lots of people are needed to help a big family grow by one more tiny person. :) Job well done to all, especially the birthing mama!

Family celebrating birth of new baby with bible verses for labor and delivery strung on headboard above everyone's heads.