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Tallahassee Homebirth Midwives

Looking for Tallahassee homebirth midwives? You’re not the only one. Homebirth, is on the rise!

For many low-risk women, homebirth is a safe, positive, and empowering option. In Florida it is legal to give birth at home with a certified professional midwife. I am grateful we have so many options in the sunshine state!

The following is a list of Tallahassee homebirth midwives that serve not only Tallahassee, but the North Florida, South Georgia areas. If this list needs to be updated, please contact me so I can keep this list fresh.

Jordan Miles, With Women Midwifery

Layla Swisher, The Birth Cottage

Tanashia Huff, Midwife Tanashia Huff

Tiffani Austin, Fertile Grown Midwifery

Thank you, local midwives, for the hard work, dedication, and passion you pour into our families and communities. I am grateful for what you do! You make a difference one woman, one baby (just one, right?! lol) at a time.