20 Weeks Pregnant – Gender Reveal Photos!

Gender Reveal Photos from a Gender Reveal Photoshoot!!

The pictures speak for themselves.  :)

A special thanks to Mesa, of Mesa Cole Photography, for arranging these gender reveal photos where I actually was surprised!  It’s really hard to surprise me and it took great skill to make sure I didn’t figure it out beforehand.  Way to go, Mesa!

How We Did It – Gender Reveals Photos

This is how we arranged the photo shoot:  At my ultrasound appointment I had the ultrasound tech NOT tell me the sex of the baby, but put it in an envelope so I could use it in our gender reveal photoshoot.

I used some self-control and drove said envelope over to Mesa’s house where we decided on when we would do the gender reveal photos.  We both were impatient to find out, so despite the rain we did it that afternoon!

And it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

I highly recommend finding out NOT at a doctor’s office but with family and friends who would love to celebrate with you.  It was so anticlimactic to find out my son’s sex at the doctor’s office.

Something like this needs a little more drama, you know?

gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal


gender reveal










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  1. 2

    Kim Bailes says

    I am soooooo excited for you!! And I LOVE seeing your expression as you found out. These pictures definitely speak a thousand words if not more :) Congratulations!!! Great job Mesa!!!!

  2. 6

    sarahkeith says

    wahooooo!!! yay for a little GIRL! You’re gonna have so much fun :) Also, very awesome way to find out!

  3. 9


    That is the best face ever. It is exactly the face I imagined you’d make – I love the pics and am so excited you’ll have a girl soon! I had an inkling when you texted me awhile back about listening to the baby’s heartbeat, I just so clearly thought GIRL.

    • 10


      P.S. I just showed Dan these pics and he thought they were cute… But he’s a dude and can’t say that, so instead he said, “Looks like that baby’s gonna have internal plumbing.” 😉

  4. 11

    Christi says

    This made me tear up! Maybe because I am pregnant. I love your face when you find out. Congratulations!

  5. 13

    Kristen says

    OK, I have read through this post about three times now and I tear up every time (not pregnant for sure). I just love love love the look on your face.

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