The Third Trimester Vacation

On a beach

The third trimester of pregnancy can be a special few months in a mom-to-be’s life. It is a time when she will start frantically cleaning the home from top to bottom in preparation for the little one. Her visits to her care provider will start to be more frequent, and at some point, it will [...]

How To Push A Baby Out

How to Push 3

How do I know when to push? What if I don’t feel the urge to push? How long will it take to push out my baby? Will I poop in front of everybody? These four fantastic pushing questions are discussed in almost every childbirth class I teach. So, let’s discuss them here, shall we? How [...]

dōTERRA + Mother Rising


dōTERRA + Mother Rising I am very excited to announce to you that this month I signed up with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate! I am very excited! I am new to dōTERRA but not essential oils. How it Started My journey with essential oils began when I became a doula.  For years at births I’ve been [...]

Free Printable Birth Affirmations

birth affirmation promo

Why Birth Affirmations? You may be wondering why a woman might need birth affirmations.  I’ll tell you… Labor is Intense! Childbirth is extremely hard work and probably the most intense experience women will have in their entire lives. Prepare During Pregnancy Part of the work of pregnancy is to prepare for the intensity of labor.  Women remember their [...]

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Birth

birth bag

My doula clients frequently ask me: What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Birth? The following is a list of ideas on what to pack in a hospital bag for birth. This is not an exhaustive list!  Your bag may have less or more depending on your needs. This list will: Make heading to the [...]

My Best Pregnancy Books Has Launched!

My Best Pregnancy Books

After a long labor, and a transition I didn’t think would end my new website My Best Pregnancy Books has launched! I am so excited to share it here with you, first.  I hope that in time this website will help parents make their pregnancy and transition to parenthood simpler, informative and life changing. Without [...]

My Best Pregnancy Books

[Group of young women reading in library of normal school, Washi

Hi all!  I thought it would be fun to add one more thing to my plate ;) so I made which makes it easy for families to find the Best Pregnancy Books.  Instead of being clueless on what to read you can try some of the books I love and recommend.  I’m still working on the site (it’s very [...]

Birthing From Within Gainesville 4/4-5

Birthing From Within book

Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class   April 4th 5-9 pm April 5th 9-12 pm, 1-4 pm Birth and Wellness Center of Gainesville 607 E University Ave, Gainesville FL To reserve your spot, contact Lindsey at 850-339-2606, or Your BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Classes will be: *a balance of practical, useful information and creative, experiential exercises. [...]

Homebirth Stories – Eden’s Birth Part I


Homebirth Stories – Eden’s Birth Part I (For another version of this story click here.) Two nights before my due date, I was having contractions and they were coming close, but I knew it wasn’t labor.  However, my whole pregnancy I had been worried that the midwife would not make it to my house in [...]