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Herbal Remedy for Pregnancy and Anemia | Mother Rising

anemia and pregnancy

The most common type of anemia in pregnancy is iron deficiency anemia.  I’ve had clients, friends and family diagnosed with pregnancy anemia so in my world it seems quite common. Their symptoms were extreme fatigue (that didn’t lift after the first trimester) and feeling weak.  Some felt mildly depressed.  (Postpartum depression is increased when mom’s have low iron.) [...]

LuSa Organics’ Belly Balm Giveaway | Ecological Babies

Lusa's Giveaway Photo

This is a fun giveaway because I get to share with you two of my favorite companies, LuSa Organics and Ecological Babies! LuSa is great because they make great smelling, fair trade products (for example, their Baby Wipe Juice smells delicious). Ecological Babies is great because I know the owner (she’s part of the Tallahassee Doula [...]

Mother Rising had a Makeover! | Pregnancy Blog

screen shot of makeover

Pregnancy Blog Makeover The second big announcement this week is that Mother Rising had a drastic makeover to go along with the new logo.  It’s a complete transformation, really. Some of the Old One of my favorite things about this makeover is that I brought back my old background from when I used blogger.  I [...]

dōTERRA + Mother Rising


dōTERRA + Mother Rising I am very excited to announce to you that this month I signed up with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate! I am very excited! I am new to dōTERRA but not essential oils. How it Started My journey with essential oils began when I became a doula.  For years at births I’ve been [...]

The Third Trimester Vacation

On a beach

The third trimester of pregnancy can be a special few months in a mom-to-be’s life. It is a time when she will start frantically cleaning the home from top to bottom in preparation for the little one. Her visits to her care provider will start to be more frequent, and at some point, it will [...]