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My Latest Pregnancy Announcement – I’m Pregnant!

pregnancy announcement featured image

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (and if that’s the case you’re really out of the loop) you missed a big ‘ol announcement last week! Part of October and most of November I was quite silent on social media and the blog.  I was so tired, working a TON but also getting over the […]

Erbaviva Review and Giveaway

erbaviva review collage

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing four different products from Erbaviva, an organic skincare company.  When they asked me which products I wanted to review, I had to laugh as my choices probably seemed very eclectic and random… but not for me!  Let me explain. Erbaviva Review and Giveaway 1. The first was their […]

14 Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms | Mother Rising

14 very early pregnancy symptoms

If you think you might be pregnant or really want to be pregnant it’s easy to start overanalyzing every feeling, twinge and symptom.  You may even convince yourself you’re pregnant… when you’re definitely not!  Or are you? I’ve been there.  I’ve been the neurotic overanalyzer.  I’ve peed on pregnancy tests when I knew it was […]

Placenta Encapsulation – All Your Questions Answered

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When people discover I encapsulate placentas for a living, they are typically fascinated, confused or grossed out.  No matter what category you fall into, believe me, I understand.  I have been fascinated, confused and grossed out myself! However, today you’ve clicked on this post for a reason – to learn all about placenta encapsulation and to get your […]