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My #1 Postpartum Stress Trigger | Mother Rising

My _1 Postpartum Stress Trigger

The world of postpartum, especially if you’ve never had a baby before, can seem daunting and unknown. Because of this, in my childbirth classes we discuss our potential personal postpartum stressors and brainstorm solutions for the scariest. Typical potential postpartum stressors include financial strain, pet care, food preparation, household chores, baby care, lack of sleep, […]

Thirty One Enrollment Kit 2015

thirty one enrollment kit featured image

Thirty One Enrollment Kit A couple of weeks ago I decided to become a consultant with Thirty One… mainly because their Thirty One Enrollment Kit is so amazing.  In this post I will tell you what I got, how much I paid AND if you click on the video you’ll get to see me open […]

Guest Post with Mama and Baby Love!


Hey everybody!  Today I’m guest posting over at Mama and Baby Love talking about one of things I know a lot about… morning sickness! The post I wrote for MBL is amazeballs – you must read it!  The information presented is also included in my Morning Sickness Remedies eBook but I’m so excited to share it FOR FREE over at […]

2015 Goals and Resolutions

2015 goals and resolutions featured image

Here’s my post about my 2015 goals and resolutions.  Better late than never, right? I am a very ambitious person.  I have lofty goals and big dreams. However, I have two kids and one on the way, am married and have other important responsibilities.  The reason why I bring this up is more of a […]

A Tale of My Cervix in Early Pregnancy

cervix in early pregnancy featured image

Here’s the story of my cervix in early pregnancy.  Because this is big news and it must be shared. If you are one of my diehard readers and keep up with all my miscellaneous posts you will know that a review of the DivaCup a few years ago was a major bust because my cervix […]