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16 Weeks Pregnant Belly | Mother Rising

10 vs. 16 weeks

16 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Notice a change?

Other than that I am not wearing makeup in the right photo?

The first picture is when I was 10 weeks and still felt the need to “suck it in”. The photo on the right I took yesterday.

My belly seems huge! It’s crazy how you show so much faster in subsequent pregnancies. My uterus is still hiding somewhere in my abdominal cavity, but my belly pops out right under my ribs. I hope the belly expansion doesn’t keep EXPANDING at this rate or I’m in trouble!

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

I am probably feeling movement, but I’m kinda in denial about that. Every time I feel something, I stop what I’m doing to try to feel it again and I feel nothing. I might be hallucinating.

I had an appointment on Tuesday, heard the heartbeat and found out I’ve only gained 4 pounds. All good news. 😉

Birth Plans

So, I decided that after I have my 20 week appointment and everything looks good, I am going to switch to a home birth midwife.

Despite me having MTHFR, my perinatologist is fine with me having a homebirth (hallelujah and amen) just as long as I stay low risk (duh). So far, I am low risk!

He did want me to stay with an OB till I am 30 weeks, but honestly I don’t see a point. My midwife at the OB’s office doesn’t care if I transfer back to her due to risking out, so I’m not worried about not having a place to go if I do need more medical attention.

I am getting tired of the driving, the waiting at the doctor’s office and I absolutely want to avoid the nasty gestational diabetes drink (my homebirth midwife screens via a different, healthier method).

So, that’s my plan. I hope I get to stick to it!

Talk to you soon!

Tanashia Roberts Huff

Sunday 1st of July 2012



Thursday 28th of June 2012

Yayayay!!!! Home birth! Congrats!

Lindsey Morrow

Thursday 28th of June 2012

Fingers crossed!


Thursday 28th of June 2012

My sweet husband bought me a foot bath, and I got the Mary Kay Satin Hands to go along with it. Ahhhh, foot rubs!

Lindsey Morrow

Thursday 28th of June 2012

Ooohhh a foot rub. Way to go, W!

Heather Anne

Thursday 28th of June 2012

Congrats! I would love to have a home birth, but I am high risk (due to cord defect with my stillborn son, Nate. As for what I did to splurge this pregnancy: I bought a Snoogle pillow! I had a Boppy pillow last time, but it just wasn't cutting it this time. As the lower back pain increased, my sleep became limited. The Snoogle pillow has allowed me to sleep longer (now I just wake up to pee)! Good luck!

Lindsey Morrow

Thursday 28th of June 2012

Heather, I am so sorry for the loss of you son Nate. Are you currently pregnant? I'll have to look up that snoogle pillow. Sounds lovely!