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2015 Goals and Resolutions

Here’s my post about my 2015 goals and resolutions. Better late than never, right?

I am a very ambitious person. I have lofty goals and big dreams.

However, I have two kids and one on the way, am married and have other important responsibilities. The reason why I bring this up is more of a reminder to myself to be realistic and kind to myself when setting goals. Sometimes survival can be a goal. I need to remember that.

2015 Goals and Resolutions

Without further ado here are my 2015 Goals and Resolutions!

  • Give birth to a healthy baby in June/July – Hey this should be pretty straightforward right? Pregnancy is mostly on auto-pilot in the sense that I’m just along for the ride.
  • Exercise a minimum of three times per week. An idea I have to do this is to resume walking my son to school and walking to pick him up (It’s about a 30 minute walk there and back with a HUGE hill). In my first trimester I was told to stop exercise because of the bleeding/spotting and so I did. And now I’m used to sitting around and doing nothing. I want to change this! I feel gross and I’m afraid of excessive weight gain. Also, I would like to resume daily squats. I have a timer on my phone that tells me to do squats at 4 pm. I typically ignore this reminder. My goal is to no longer ignore my iPhone!
  • Wind down my doula business and prepare to hang up my doula/birth assistant hats. I am both sad and relieved to make that one of my goals. Attending births (and being on call) is a very intense job and adding kids to the mix makes things stressful for me (and my kids!). As much as I love attending birth I am very excited to not be on call and give my family more of my energy and attention.
  • Read a book. I think having the goal of reading just one book is pretty realistic for me, especially that I’m about to have a baby. Now… to pick my book.
  • Read my bible and pray daily (this is separate from the goal above!). This will probably be the hardest one for me to accomplish because I have a lazy and undisciplined mind and body. However, I know it’s possible and I have done it before. The last time I was in a groove and doing this was last year around this time. But then my husband started working from home and wrecked my routine. I never recovered! I need to learn how to do this despite what others are doing. The best way for me to do this is to wake up early. Ugh, how I loathe waking up early. Any tips on how to do this and like it?
  • Have all of our sleeping arrangements figured out and set up by the end of May. This includes something for the new baby, figuring out what would be best for Eden at 2.5 years (Cribs till Kindergarten!… as my friends like to say) and a bunk bed for Gabriel (and eventually Eden).
  • Declutter my entire house. Find places for things. Throw things out. Invest in organizational tools, etc. One of the things that bugs me TO DEATH during my postpartum transition is having a cluttered house and having an inability to do anything about it. I would really like to work on systems to make this less of a stressor for me. When I’m less stressed, everybody else is happy. Ideas? Inexpensive ideas? I wish I could sign up for one of those shows and someone would come do it for me, you know? I need it!
  • Clean my bathroom. I swear, the only time this evil bathroom gets a deep cleaning is when I have a baby. I can do this in 20 weeks, right? The grout, calk and walls are all in a questionable state.2015 goals and resolutions
  • Take an interest in meal planning, do it and eat more home cooked meals. This past year I have worked A LOT. Which meant that I was not at home often, and meal planning was left too… who knows! Let’s just say that my family and I have suffered nutritionally this year. Since I will be at home more in 2015 I would like to make a meal planning habit. I am thinking that I could do this every week or maybe every other week. Suggestions? Resources? Be gentle with me…
  • Date my husband. I don’t have money for a babysitter (or dating for that matter!), but I’m determined to figure this out. Maybe I can do monthly or even bi-monthly dates but ANYTHING would be better than what we are doing. Which is nothing. A friend of mine made her husband a date coupon booklet which I thought was great because it is a visual reminder to DATE. Any good and inexpensive date ideas?

date your husband 3

Well I think that’s enough for now. Lest I become overwhelmed and do nothing (which would be typical of me). Did you notice a theme in my goals/resolutions? I did. I noticed that focusing on my family, home and my faith is a priority for me. I think this last year of working a ton has made me realize what I really would like to focus and spend my time on.

But don’t you worry, I’ll still be teaching my childbirth classes and encapsulating placentas. Because I can more or less schedule those or at minimum work in daylight hours! :0)

What are your goals or resolutions? Do you have any good ideas or resources for me? Again, be kind and gentle so I don’t freak out and hide!