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Book a Consultation with Lindsey of Mother Rising


Even the best of childbirth classes might not address the in-depth concerns of an individual and her family. In a consultation with Lindsey, we talk about whatever is on your mind.


$100 Includes: 1 hour in-person or virtual consult including email support post meeting. A consultation with Lindsey may include:

  • turning a malpositioned baby
  • learning pain coping practices
  • learning and practicing labor positions
  • information on local resources
  • working through birth fears

“If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.”

Consultation with Lindsey of Mother Rising

Many parents hire me for consultations during pregnancy. Before our meeting I ask parents via email for a list of 3-5 things they would like to learn, do, or go over so that I can prepare thoroughly for our meeting. Consultations are in the comfort of your own home. Parents request consultations to cover topics such as pain coping, labor and birth position suggestions, how to navigate the hospital, how to work with care providers, how to get your baby in the optimal fetal position, etc. Doulas are amazing resource and can tailor pick resources specifically for you and your family.