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Cost of Placenta Encapsulation

The cost of placenta encapsulation varies based on location and will average somewhere between $250-$350, but there may be additional fees for add-ons, pickup and delivery, and shipping.

Photo of white bowl of brown pills with pills next to the bowl with brown background. Placenta pills are the main cost of placenta encapsulation.

How Much is Placenta Encapsulation

The base price for placenta encapsulation is around $250-$350. Additional fees may apply for pickup after birth, delivery, and/or shipping. Also, any add-ons such as a tincture, print, or a twin (extra) placenta will also increase the total price.

Pickup, Delivery, and Shipping

Some placenta encapsulation specialists charge more for pickup and delivery, especially outside of a certain driving radius. I charge an extra $25 to drive more than 45 minutes from my home to pickup/drop-off placenta products.

It sometimes makes more sense to overnight placenta pills back to the client if they live further away. My local hospital serves a very large surrounding rural area. If these folks opt for placenta encapsulation, pickup from the hospital is easy for me, but once they go home, drop-off gets tricky. Overnight shipping for placenta pills costs around $25 to places that are 1-2 hours away.

Add-On Placenta Services

Placenta capsules are the foundation of placenta encapsulation. Beyond that are other placenta encapsulation services and products to consider, increasing the cost of placenta encapsulation.

Photo of dried umbilical cord shaped in a spiral on a white background with mother rising logo in the upper right hand corner. Dried umbilical cords typically do not increase the cost of placenta encapsulation.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

The dehydrated umbilical cord is typically a part of the basic encapsulation package for no extra charge. 

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tinctures are a way of preserving the benefits of the placenta long-term. Some parents find tinctures helpful when their menstrual cycles return to help with hormone stabilization, etc. Tinctures add anywhere from $25-$75 to the cost of placenta encapsulation, depending on their size.

Placenta Print

Placenta prints can be a beautiful keepsake (if done well… 😂 I’m REALLY BAD at it). Check out Instagram’s placenta prints for inspiration! Prints add an additional fee as well, starting around $25-$50.

Placenta Smoothie

A placenta smoothie is exactly as it sounds – placenta as an ingredient in a delicious smoothie. (I once offered this service to a client and made it in her hospital room! I’ve not done it since because it was so labor intensive. If I did it again, I would probably charge $100, but that’s just me. 😂)

Placenta Salve

Placenta salve puts the healing properties of the (powdered) placenta in a topical salve. This adds an additional $25-$50, depending how many ounces the tincture is.

Twin Placentas

Twin placentas are double the fun! Two babies = two placentas! The additional placenta will add an additional $25-$50.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method

The traditional method of placenta encapsulation is inspired by chinese medicine where the placenta is gently steamed, and then dehydrated. Alternatively, the placenta may be processed “raw”, at 118 degrees in the dehydrator. Some certified placenta specialists may charge more for this method since it takes considerably longer to dehydrate.

Picture of 2 red and pink twin placentas with white umbilical cords on a white background. Twin placentas will increase the cost of placenta encapsulation.

Flavored and/or Capsules

Some placenta specialists offer flavored capsules to offset the taste of placenta pills. To me, placenta pills smell like fish food. If you aren’t able to tolerate the taste, or need a smaller capsule to swallow, capsule options will cost around $10-$20 extra.

Placenta Encapsulation Prices Across the US

A search of placenta encapsulation prices across the US found an average amount of $275 with the highest in Brooklyn (not a surprise) and the lowest in Denver (this was a surprise). Each city had its own range of prices as well, with some specialists charging higher, and some lower depending on what came in each package. (Denver, increase your prices, for Pete’s sake! 😂)

$250, Tampa, FL
$375, Brooklyn, NY
$230, Dallas, TX
$225, Denver, CO
$285, San Francisco, CA
$300, Portland, OR
$300, Albuquerque, NM
$275, Atlanta, GA
$275, Nashville, TN

How to Save on Placenta Encapsulation

Parents looking to save money on postpartum services such as placenta encapsulation may consider the following.

  • Some placenta encapsulators reduce prices if the placenta is delivered to their home for processing, and then picked up when complete. This saves the specialist time and transportation costs. 
  • Some doulas also offer placenta encapsulation and may include package discounts for multiple services booked.
  • Brave and fearless parents can reduce the cost of placenta encapsulation by DIY. Of course it will not be completely free, as there’s a cost to placenta encapsulation supplies. However, some supplies are already in every kitchen. Just make sure to get what’s in the six piece placenta encapsulation kit, like a good dehydrator.
NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator
$86.48 ($0.01 / Ounce)

The best dehydrator for placenta encapsulation is one where you can regulate the temperature and that has a top mounted fan. I use 160 degrees for the placenta, and a lower temperature to dehydrate capsules before placing them in the capsule machine. It's important to use dehydrator with a top mounted fan for placenta encapsulation because the alternative, an enclosed fan dehydrator, cannot be cleaned and sanitized properly.

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Does Insurance Cover Placenta Encapsulation?

I have been encapsulating placentas for over 10 years and have never had a client reimbursed by their insurance company for placenta encapsulation. However, I’ve heard rumors of health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) reimbursing for placenta encapsulation. This is 100% worth looking into! 

If you are interested in having your insurance company cover placenta encapsulation give them a call to gather initial information. Don’t be discouraged if the person on the line has never heard of placenta encapsulation. I would be surprised if they did! 

Check to see if your HSA or FSA covers things like “alternative therapies”, “natural remedies”, or “health supplements”. These umbrella terms may include placenta encapsulation.

A letter from your doctor recommending placenta encapsulation may be required for reimbursement by insurance companies. Make sure the doctor mentions any history of depression. Parents will also need an itemized receipt from the placenta specialist including things like an NPI number, EIN number, etc.

Brown placenta pills spilled out of an amber bottle on a brown surface.

How Much Does Placenta Encapsulation Cost?

The cost of placenta encapsulation will run parents around $250-$350, with pricing varying depending on locaiton, delivery, and add-ons. Contact your local placenta specialist to find out more and have a happy postpartum!