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17 Super Cute Fall Pregnancy Shirts You’ll Love | Mother Rising

Sporting cute fall pregnancy shirts is a fun way to keep the challenges of pregnancy in check. Not everything needs to be so serious! Whether you’re looking for a halloween maternity shirt, fall pregnancy shirt, or a Thanksgiving maternity shirt, there’s one for you – or even your partner – shipped right to your front door.

17 Super Cute Fall Pregnancy Shirts You’ll Love

Matching Thanksgiving Maternity Shirts

Just so we’re super clear about what’s going on…

Even More Thankful This Year

Sweet and to the point. 

Already Stuffed

Look at that cute little turkey holding a balloon!

I’m Just Here for the Pie

This shirt cracks me up!

The Turkey Ain’t the Only Thing in the Oven

No? Is it stuffing? 😉

Little Turkey in the Oven

Very cute, Thanksgiving maternity shirt. Perfect for those weeks around the holiday!

Not a Food Baby

Ladies, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Own it.

Growing a Little Pumpkin

Perfect for a fall themed pregnancy announcement or a trip to the grocery store.

Pumpkin Smuggler

Ha! A fun spin-off of the “watermelon smuggler” shirts of summer.

Lil Pumpkin


Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds

I think this is one of my favorite fall pregnancy shirts. It’s a fun spinoff of the watermelon seeds of the summer.

Witch or Wizard Brewing

Hogwarts in your future? This shirt is for you!

Something Good is Brewing

“Winnie, I smell a child”

If you know, you know. #hocuspocus

Skeleton Mom/Baby Tank

This fall pregnancy shirt would be ideal for those in hot climates. (My sympathies!)

Skeleton Mom/Baby Long Sleeve

If you need a long sleep halloween maternity shirt, this fits the bill. Gotta love how baby is just chillin’.

Kick or Treat

Does this mean mom will kick you if you don’t give her candy? 😉

Orange Pumpkin Long Sleeve

One of the most classic fall pregnancy shirts. Perfect for October or in lieu of a pregnant halloween costume!

17 Super Cute Fall Pregnancy Shirts You’ll Love

There you have it! What do you think? Found any good ones not on this list? Leave a comment and let us know!