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Prenatal Yoga DVD Review | Mother Rising

When I was pregnant with my first, I did prenatal yoga at home. For me it was the next best thing to a real yoga studio since going to a class in town was a bit difficult for me to schedule. Little did I know, that scheduling something like prenatal yoga with a toddler will be much more difficult – I should have made a point to go when I had the chance!

Prenatal Yoga DVD Review

For those that are like me and are too lazy for a rigid schedule or that live too far away from a yoga studio, here is the yoga DVD that I did at home. I bought it off of Amazon and it’s called ZenMama with Rainbeau Mars: Prenatal Yoga Workout. I think it was about $20.

When I was pregnant with my first, I did prenatal yoga at home. Here's a prenatal yoga dvd review of the dvd I enjoyed the most.

Gentle Flow Yoga

I liked this DVD because it was an easy workout.

Previously, I borrowed a friend’s prenatal yoga DVD and it was this hardcore workout which I wasn’t expecting. I couldn’t even finish the whole workout! I felt like a wimpy pregnant lady, so after that I stuck to Ms. Mars’ workout.

Trimester Modifications

Other than the workout being gentle flow, I liked that there were three women doing the exercises – each in a different trimester.

So, as I got bigger I could adjust my movements accordingly. Another thing I liked was that it spent a lot of time doing squats and kegels simultaneously. I really wanted to strengthen my body to be able to squat in labor, and hey, why not do a kegel while you’re there!

So, this was the one DVD I did while I was pregnant.

UPDATE:  Every time I was pregnant, I came back to this same prenatal yoga dvd. I loved it every time throughout the years! It was gentle, yet challenging. And I really appreciated the demeaner and personality of Rainbeau. She almost became a sort of friend to me. I give this prenatal yoga dvd review a two thumbs up.

Prenatal Yoga DVD Review

What DVD did you use? I’d love to hear your recommendations.