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A Poem for Becca – Infant Loss Poems | Mother Rising


little one, you came like a whisper
perfectly and wonderfully made
your soul full
content in mommy’s arms
lullabies sung in your honor
filled the hush in the sacred place
a gaze to your mother a gift
resting on her breast you slipped away
quietly, peacefully
into Abba’s arms

Infant Loss Poems

Susan (Grammy) Howard

Monday 10th of June 2013

Thank you so much Lindsey! She was our beautiful little angel and though she was with us for so short a time, she blessed us all.

Lindsey Morrow

Tuesday 20th of September 2011

Thanks, Alice. ♥


Tuesday 20th of September 2011

mmmmm, I like this, Lindsey. A sweet poem for your friend. LOVE


Thursday 12th of August 2010



Saturday 12th of June 2010

crying again for a mother and baby I don't even know. beautiful poem. Becca is in my prayers.