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A Place of Knowing – Preparing to Give Birth | Mother Rising

A Place of Knowing

When a mama approaches the end of her pregnancy, she is in a place of knowing. She has begun preparing to give birth by taking her childbirth and parenting classes, reading her books, and writing out her birth plan.

Entering the Unknown

However, as her birth begins, she crosses a threshold and enters the unknown.

What Matters When Preparing to Give Birth?

This type of preperation, and the work of worry is good and healthy, but does it really prepare her for birth?

When she’s in the intensity of labor does any of that information matter? Will she really be thinking about what stage of labor she’s in? Doubtful.

What is it that she really needs to know to give birth as a mother?

The answer to this question is VITAL in each mother’s inner preparation during her pregnancy. The answers may be as different as each woman who asks the question.

steeping teaDeepest Question

I am wondering if any of these questions resonate with any of my expectant mamas:

How am I strong?
How am I loved?
How am I giving love?
How am I open?

I have asked a lot of questions in this post. It’s easy to read this, and shrug it off as just another blog post. However, I encourage you to let these words sit with you like herbs steeping in tea. Let these words make a strong hot tea in your heart and mind, and dare yourself to be curious.