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LIVE Online Birthing Classes | Mother Rising

  • Are you looking for online birthing classes that teach you to cope with the pain and intensity of childbirth?
  • Do you want a natural childbirth?
  • Are you planning for a VBAC?
  • Do you want the convenience of an online childbirth class but also the community of a live “in person” class?
  • Are you looking for online birthing classes that prepare for the unknown of labor, delivery, and postpartum?
  • Are you afraid of giving birth?

I have the PERFECT class for you!

Online Birthing Classes

Hi! My name is Lindsey and I have been successfully teaching face-to-face childbirth classes in Tallahassee since 2010. I also have been a birth doula since 2007. To top it off I have three kids that were born in a birth center, home, and a hospital… in that order!

(Lindsey and her kiddos, Fall 2018)

I began teaching online birthing classes in order to reach parents that can’t make it to an in-person class so that they may too have an amazing transition to parenthood.

Lindsey‘s online birthing classes go beyond what typical childbirth classes offer. In addition to learning practical, evidence based information, parents deepen their intuitive knowing through thought-provoking dialogues, memorable birth videos, and fun hands-on exercises.

Also, Lindsey spends considerable time teaching pain coping practices which are helpful for any type of birth, but especially for those considering or planning for an unmedicated childbirth.

“If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.”

Many new parents believe that childbirth education isn’t necessary because our bodies were designed to give birth and therefore knows exactly what to do.  It is true that our body intuitively knows how to have a baby, but there are additional skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate having a baby in our birthing culture.

Lindsey’s online childbirth classes are perfect for parents wanting to explore their options during pregnancy, and learn how to advocate for themselves throughout childbirth.

Your online birthing classes will prepare you to birth-in-awareness whether you are birthing at home, in a birth center, tipi, taxi, or hospital.

Online Birthing Class Information

Lindsey is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and trained for many years with Birthing From Within.  You can expect her classes to be evidence based and holistic. 

As a childbirth educator Lindsey does not not lecture, fill heads with facts and figures, or teach parents how to breathe. Her role is to gently guide you into an understanding of your own expectations, assumptions, strengths, and bring you to the point of being ready to birth in awareness.

Your birthing classes will be:

  • a balance of practical, useful information and creative, experiential exercises
  • personalized to your needs and interests
  • not narrowly focused on a particular type of birth
  • stimulating, lively discussions and interesting exercises
  • learning, not just about birth, but also about yourselves

In your childbirth class, you will learn how to:

  • Build a pain-coping mindset
  • Navigate the stages of labor with confidence
  • Increase confidence in yourself and your partner
  • Ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • Create a birth space that encourages labor progress
  • Address your birth fears
  • Push your baby out
  • Welcome your baby
  • Recover and plan postpartum
  • Care for your newborn
  • Continue to do the “next best thing” during a Cesarean birth, while using pain medication, or with medical support

LIVE Online Birthing Classes

My online birthing classes are live and not pre-recorded. What this means is that during class hours you will have access to ME!

  • Six week classes are held on weeknights for two hours, six weeks in a row for a total of 12 classroom hours.
  • Weekend classes are held on weekends broken up over 2-3 days for a total of 10 classroom hours.
  • Our online childbirth class will meet on Zoom. Zoom can be accessed on a home computer, tablet, or cellphone.

online birthing classes featured


Classes will be kept small, around 6 mamas/couples. In each class you will have the opportunity to connect with the other expecting parents.

It is an amazing feeling to be doing this with other people in the same situation. When taking my online birthing classes you will not feel alone!

Price of Online Birthing Classes

Just like many invest in a wedding – one of the most important days of your life – it’s important to invest in the birth experience of your child. Trust me, the birth of your child will trump even your wedding day!

One of the BEST ways to invest in a positive, healthy and happy birth experience is to take a quality childbirth class.

The cost of my online birthing classes is $250 which includes six two hour classes, access to me via email during the six week class, a private Facebook group, a Birthing From Within book, and art supplies.

art supplies bfwThe Next Online Birthing Classes

LIVE Online Weekend 2021 Childbirth Class
Class 1 February 5th 5 pm – 9 pm
Class 2 February 6th 2 pm –  5 pm
Class 3 February 7th 1 pm – 4 pm

Please use the form below to register for class. After completion you will be taken to another page which has details on payments and what happens next.

If you prefer, feel free to contact me via text/phone call: 850 three three nine 2606 or email: Lindsey at motherrisingbirth dot com.

(Sometimes this form DOES NOT send me your information to my inbox. If you don’t hear from me within a couple of days, try the contact information above. Thanks!)

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After taking my online class you will leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth! You will say, “I CAN DO THIS!”.

Here are a handful of testimonials from other mamas who have taken my childbirth classes.

I am so happy to have participated in Lindsey’s classes while pregnant with my daughter. Lindsey is a great facilitator of discussion and activities, and at the end of the classes I felt not only prepared to go through the birthing experience (and, it turns out I was :) ) but also welcomed into a community of mothering.

“Lindsey’s childbirth class was an excellent balance of the technical knowledge my husband (and first time dad) required and the holistic experience I was seeking to prepare for my first hospital birth (following a homebirth twelve years ago). She did a stellar job of teaching pain management skills, labor support techniques, and helping us navigate the challenges of birth together. When we were faced with an unexpected induction decision, my husband and I used the tools we learned in Lindsey’s class to make the right choice for our family. I highly recommend her class to all expectant parents, both new and experienced!”

I am really grateful to Lindsey for sharing her knowledge with my husband and I. I delivered by C-section with my first child and wanted to try VBAC with my second. Lindsey supported our decision which gave us confidence to ask the right questions of the doctors and nurses at the hospital. Thanks so much Lindsey for all you…your birthing class was so helpful to us.

It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to God for leading me to Lindsey and mother rising. One of my friends from my breastfeeding group had used her classes and highly recommend them because the pain coping she learned from her she actually remembered and used! I can honestly say I used every pain coping skill taught. I am so grateful for how the classes taught my husband how to read my cues! I know he was more prepared because of what we learned and he was such an amazing help to me. I did not end up with the birth I had dreamed of but I am so thankful that even though the classes were focused on natural birth that Lindsey took time out to show us how to cope with a c-section delivery. Man did I need it and it helped me greatly during and after with my rough recovery. Because of Lindsey’s guidance I made a very specific birth plan section in case of a cesarean and they followed it to a tee! They brought my baby too me in the recovery room instead of me having to wait hours! I feel so blessed to have learned all that I did and I know that I owe a lot of how well it went to these classes! I highly recommend them and they are worth every penny! Thank you Lindsey!

“Lindsey’s childbirth classes helped me so much to prepare for our baby girl’s birth! She helped by answering so many unknowns and by helping me to paint a picture of how I hoped the birth would go…I was connected to Todd and present. I felt prepared to feel the pain and breathe through it. I had an awesome birth experience and thank Lindsey for assisting in that!”

“I really enjoyed Lindsey’s course – so much, that I took it twice: once alone and once with my husband. The dynamics of the course changed to suit the group and it was an intimate and engaging experience. When taking the course alone, I still felt fully included in each activity. When I took the course with my husband, I felt that it helped us build the sort of trust and bonding necessary for a well-supported childbirth. I ultimately did not have the birth experience I longed for and had prepared for due to health complications. Nevertheless, the skills I learned in Lindsey’s class and the information she shared helped me cope tremendously well. As a result, I was well prepared for the surprise ending to my pregnancy and was still able to have a positive birth experience.”

(scroll down to the comments for more testimonials)

Are you looking for online birthing classes that prepare for the unknowns of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum? Are you looking for a class that will help you cope with the pain and intensity of childbirth? Are you afraid of what's to come? I have the perfect online birthing class for you!


Thursday 14th of July 2016

I was so blessed to find Lindsey's class! It was just the type of hands on, body/mind/spirit training I was searching for. I felt very empowered! I can't describe the gratitude that filled my heart that I not only had access to such a perfect class but that it was local. I highly recommend Lindsey's childbirth course, especially if you're looking for a bit more natural and woman centered birth experience!


Sunday 26th of June 2016

I was a first time Mom and my husband was a third time Dad, who had never attended any type of class prior to this. We both weren't sure what to expect, so we were a little wary of attending. But we were both SO GLAD we did! We learned pain coping mechanisms, how the birth process works, things that can happen, things that can help, and all sorts of other helpful information. After taking Lindsey's class, I knew I could do it the way I planned. And I DID!


Thursday 23rd of June 2016

I so enjoyed Lindsey's class that I took it twice! Once alone and once with my husband. We still have the art from the course and, even though we've moved away, we'll be using it for this pregnancy. Thank you, Lindsey!

Julie May

Thursday 23rd of June 2016

My husband and I took Lindsey's class last year in preparation for the birth of our first baby. Lindsey used multiple teaching formats like videos, lecture style teaching, art activities, group sharing, role plays and skills practice to help us learn and retain the information. Lindsey didn't just us provide information, she led us on a journey to emotionally prepare us for the birthing experience. I most benefitted from the information on informed decision making and doula services during my hospital birth. My husband most benefitted from the session on what to expect postpartum. I had unforseen complications but was able to have an awesome birth experience thanks to Lindsey's class. I also treasure the friendships we developed with the other families from our class.


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Not only was Lindsey's birth class informative and practical, but it was fun! We entered into our first birth with insight and knowledge that aided in a smooth, natural hospital birth. She was also our doula, so it was neat to see aspects of her birth class come to life! She rocks!

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