I found this blog while I was pregnant in 2008-2009.  It has many, many interesting posts, but one stuck out to me in particular.  It is a post about an alternative group b strep positive treatment plan.  When a pregnant woman is found to be GBS+ in pregnancy, she is routinely given antibiotics in labor so that she doesn’t pass on the infection to her baby.  If untreated, it can cause serious complication and even death, albeit rarely.

Here is the alternative GBS+ treatment plan posted:

1. Twice a day, with breakfast and dinner:
Acidophilus or pro-biotic supplement: 4 billion cells per dose
Echinacea: Two 350 mg (each) capsules
Garlic: Two 580 mg (each) capsules
Vitamin C: 500-2000 mg (0.5-2 grams), with 200 mg bioflavonoids
Grapefruit seed extract: 15 drops

2. Once per day for 3 days, once per week thereafter: Homeopathic Streptococcynum 200X

3. Once per day (until finished): Herbal-C suppositories, by Bezweken

I wonder what my local midwives think of this plan?


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3 Responses to Alternative GBS+ Treatment Plan

  1. There's also more good reading at the gentlebirth.org midwife archives on GBS.

    One thing about the plan detailed in Rixa's post: the grapefruit seed extract. Apparently, there's some debate as to whether the antimicrobial properties of GSE are due either to the inherent nature of the seed's extract, or the benzethonium chloride, triclosan and methyl paraben frequently found in the GSE end-product.

  2. you really are a well of knowledge. ok, here's a question for you – who is the "Go To" OB for twins in Tallahassee?

  3. To my knowledge, I don't think we have anyone who hangs their shingle out as the twins-OB-extraordinaire. Shelly was pretty happy with Donna Rusher over at Old Man Brickler's practice. Former students of Kim's hitched their wagon to NFLWC and didn't have a c/s.

    I suppose risk might be a factor, too – if you've got a pregnancy complication with twins, you'd probably go see a perinatologist.

    People you could ask about this:
    - Kristen
    - Melissa Harley

    Oh, and – I only know so much because I have an internet addiction. (-;

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