Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

To tell some of our family and friends that we were expecting (back in 2008), I decided to do a fun little photo collage.  I dragged my husband/daddy-to-be on our front porch and snapped some pictures.  Later, I used some editing software and made the following pregnancy announcement:

pregnancy announcement ideas
I think this is a really cute idea, but only if you change one thing.  If there was a full body shot of me I think this would have made more sense.  I realized this when we were taking the pictures, but there was no timer on the camera so the only thing we could do was selfies.
When we showed this to Matt’s dad he didn’t really get it… which was a little bit awkward.  It went a little something like this:
Father-In-Law – Staring at photo…
Matt and Lindsey – Staring at father-in-law waiting for him to say congratulations…
Father-In-Law – Staring at photo…
Matt and Lindsey – Staring at father-in-law waiting for him to say congratulations…
Father-In-Law – Staring at photo… and says. “Thanks! I’ll put it in my office.”
Matt and Lindsey – Start explaining that we are pregnant and that’s why we gave him this random photo collage.
Father-In-Law – “Ooohhh!  Congratulations!”
So, now that we’ve giggled at my cheesy way of announcing our pregnancy, how did you do it?  Did you tell certain people at different times?  How far along were you when you announced it on facebook?


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    With our 3rd, I made a little scrappy looking picture of our 2nd child that said "Officially the Middle Child" and posted that on FB at about 10 weeks. We made a little card with a lima bean glued on the front for each of the grandparents for the first, I think. For the one we lost [actual 1st], I bought my mom a bib that said something about loving grandma. She/we told my grandma of the 1st preg, with her wearing a large pin saying "I'm a Grandma, too" when we picked her up from the airport. To announce the 2nd child, to mom & gram, we stamped a shirt for Jesse to wear that said Big Brother and just sent him into the house first. This time we weren't too creative, I just asked her where she had stored the deluxe bassinet that gram had bought when they moved everything to her house. She said toward the front and I said "God, cause we will need it in about 9 months". :)

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    @Amy – I love all your crafty ideas! And I like the lima bean idea. Did you see the last sentence you typed? LOL!

    @Marlo – Wow, that sounds just like our experience. Glad we're not the only dorks.

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    Mama Frog says

    Cute collage! And we had a similar announcement experience. For my first pregnancy, we bought our parents photo frames that said "#1 Grandparents" or something corny like that and put a photo of us in it. When we gave it to my mom, she looked at it, told us it was nice picture of us and she would put it on her bedroom dresser. My husband and I just started laughing and told her to read the frame. Even after doing that, my mom still seemed a little bit confused. Finally we just came out and told her – you are going to be a Grandma!!! : ) Oh well, the best intentions…

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