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A Complete Homebirth Supplies List That Will Get You Ready | Mother Rising

A Complete Homebirth Supplies List That Will Get You Ready

Here is a list of all the home birth supplies I need to get together for the birth. Enjoy!

My Midwife’s Home Birth Supplies List

For the Bed

  • 2 sets of sheets
  • plastic sheet (fitted or plastic shower curtain)
  • blanket
  • pillows (can be covered with plastic liners)

Instructions For Making the Bed

  1. Make the bed with one set of sheets.
  2. Next, put the plastic sheet on the bed.
  3. Put the second set of sheets on (for birth).

For the Birth:

For After the Birth:

Plan to have some help in the house for two weeks, including help with housework and meals.

For the Baby:

  • a supply of onesies, gowns, sleepers, etc.
  • diapers
  • receiving blankets

Birth Affirmations

Especially during transition, encouragement, reminders of what’s normal and affirmations are KEY to moving through transition unmedicated.

Mother Rising sells both birth affirmations AND bible verses for birth. Head on over here to Etsy to take a look. They’re so gorgeous they may just end up as a back drop to your next post birth group photo! 😉

My Homebirth Supplies List

Here are the homebirth supplies I added to supplement my midwife’s list above.

For the Birth:

For a Waterbirth:

  • Aquaborn Birth Pool with Deluxe Kit
  • extra towels
  • bathrobe
  • flannel backed tablecloth to put under the pool (flannel side up so there is a non-slippery place to stand when getting out)
  • blanket for beneath the pool for extra cushion (I have wood floors)
  • make sure my hot water heater is working appropriately
  • large pots to boil water in just in case it doesn’t work appropriately

For Postpartum:

Postpartum Survival Kit

I created a postpartum survival kit to place in the bathroom for immediate postpartum use. I was so grateful for everything in it!

NOT PICTURED:  Padsicles!

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Brooke B.

Monday 4th of February 2013

I'd love to read more details on the the info and birth rules you'll be sharing with those around you! If you have time! I'm looking to have my home birth in May.

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