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Bringing Spirituality to Birth – Christian Birth

Bringing Spirituality to Birth

Bringing spirituality to birth is so important. Whether it be a poem, a song, a prayer, a statue, or a picture, a reminder of your spiritual life can be encouraging, strengthening and grounding.

I was thinking about this fact while preparing for my first Birthing From Within childbirth class, which is tonight.

A Christian Birth

For my first birth I brought music by a band called Watermark that I loved. I found the music resonating with me before and during pregnancy, and I was so glad I had it in labor.

While I was coping with contractions, one particular song caught my attention called Holy Roar. I listened to that song over and over and over… so much so that my midwife suggested a new CD which I quickly replied, “NO!”


It was Working

The lyrics and music gave a fragrance of surrender which spoke to me beautifully as I was surrendering to each contraction that was bringing Gabriel to my arms.

Trees, planting, growing, repentance, deliverance, rivers of renewal, revival, rushing, unity, reaching, mercy, passion, crying, holy roar… just a few of the words my quiet mind heard that got me through intense labor.


“As we come rejoicing and singing we’re crying out to you Lord. Can you hear the holy roar?”

What did you bring to your labor to ground you?

What will you bring next time?

If this is your first baby, what ideas do you have to bring your spirituality with you during your labor?