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25 Baby Items You Don’t Need to Buy

When making a natural baby registry, here are 25 baby items you don’t need to buy or include on your list.

You’re welcome.

(I feel like I need to put some sort of disclaimer here. The following is a list of 25 baby items you don’t need to buy… in my opinion. Sure, maybe a few of you swore by your baby cologne, but overall I think you’ll survive having a baby without having the following items. If anything, by not having these items you will save your money and cut down on clutter. Baby gear clutter drives me nuts!)

25 Baby Items You Don’t Need to Buy

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)

1. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes might be cute, but they are ridiculously impractical. Not only does your baby not know how to walk, but most baby shoes typically fit poorly and look uncomfortable. And then they fall off. Skip the baby shoes for when they’re actually walking.

2. Infant Socks

Infant socks don’t stay on. Parents put them on… and they come off within minutes. Infant socks are a waste of time and money. Buy some footed pjs to keep their tootsies warm. And when your baby gets a little older, Target’s socks have always worked great for me. They’re very long!

3. Baby Towels

Baby towels are definitely in the category of baby items you don’t need to buy. Babies can absolutely use regular adult sized towels. They work great, actually! I often find baby towels to be thin and not as absorbent anyways. I will say the baby towels are pretty cute, but in my home we hardly ever used them.

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)

4. Baby Gowns

Baby gowns are awful. All they do is shimmy up baby’s body and I am constantly readjusting and pulling the baby gown back down. Baby gowns should be banned and are definitely baby items you don’t need to buy. My mom always said these worked well for her, making diaper changes simple. But they annoyed the crap out of me.

5. Baby Robe

If you insist upon buying baby towels, you might be in the category of parent that needs a baby robe too. Baby robes are absolutely unnecessary. What is the point? Someone tell me. I just don’t get it.

6. Tiny Baby Bibs

The purpose of a bib is to prevent something exiting a baby’s mouth from getting on baby’s clothes right? Tiny baby bibs only cover part of baby’s clothes making them completely worthless. I’m not sure who designed these tiny baby bibs, but they obviously don’t have children. Bibs should cover the front of baby’s clothes like in the picture below. Aden + Anais makes some great bibs that are large enough for the purpose.

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)

7. Baby Hairbrush

If you bought and used a specialty hairbrush, please comment and let me know. Did your baby have a lot of hair? And if so, did the baby brush actually brush through their hair? Granted, my children were never born with a head full of hair, but I always thought these baby hairbrushes were a bit over the top. Are regular hairbrushes not good enough for babies? Do they actually need their tiny baby hairs brushed??

8. Wipes Warmer

Did you know that five seconds after you remove the wipe from the wipe warmer it gets cold again? And do babies really need semi-warm wipes on their bum? I hate clutter and a wipes warmer just seemed like one more thing in my life I had to maintain/see. Maybe I’m a child abuser, but I have always used cold wipes on my babies. They survived.

9. Boogie Wipes

Again, maybe I’m just a mean mommy but I use regular wipes (or whatever’s around) to wipe my children’s noses. I bet you’re thinking, “Lindsey, Boogie Wipes are actually way softer and amazing for wiping my kids’ noses. Stop judging!”. Whatever. I think these are a waste of money and just one more thing to add to the clutter pile.

10. Pacifier Wipes

Really? Who has time to coordinate the purchase and execution of such things?

11. Baby Scented Detergent

In all seriousness, if your baby detergent is scented you need to throw it out. Free and clear all the way! Life out of the womb is a big enough adjustment as it is, leave the harsh soaps at the store.

12. Baby Cologne

I’m guessing first time parents own such things, right? Babies smell soooooo good as it is. Why do they need baby cologne? They don’t.

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)

13. Baby Oil

I have no idea what this is used for. I have three kids. I’m still confused. (Baby oil is made from mineral oil. If you own it throw it away.)

14. Baby Powder

I think baby’s from the 1950s used baby powder. I never have. I’m not sure the point… And I’ve also heard that this stuff is TERRIBLE because it can cause breathing problems in children. (The only thing this stuff is good for is to remove sand from the body. If you’re trying to wipe off sand from feet, toes and legs put some baby powder on and then wipe of the sand. It’s ahmazing. But just don’t use it on your babies.)

15. Bumbo

Of course there’s going to be the baby out there that loved the bumbo and sat in it for more than three minutes. My kids never did. And many babies’ thighs are too big to fit. Also, sitting your baby up in a Bumbo isn’t great for their development. But that’s another post for another day. 😉

16. Bouncy Seat

All the bouncy seat was good for was a few minutes of freedom to try to cook dinner, wash dishes or go to the bathroom. Like the Bumbo, my kids wanted out. If I had to pick one baby holder it would probably be the mamaroo. Don’t get a bunch of cheap baby holders. Save up for the thing that actually is helpful.

17. Baby Pillow

Don’t put things in your baby’s bed. No pillows, blankets, toys… nothin.

18. Crib Bedding Set

Which brings me to the next item in the list of baby items you don’t need to buy – a crib bedding set. I don’t think you need to buy a crib bedding set. First off, they’re super expensive. Second, the bumpers are a choking hazard. Third, you’ll never use the quilt that comes in the package. It’ll just be displayed on a rocking chair, but never actually used. Spend your money on a really nice crib sheet set by aden + anais instead. They are SO SOFT and much better than those crib bedding sets. They even make crib skirts!

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)

19. Baby Tub

I’ve tried many, many baby bath tubs in my years of motherhood. I’ve found them all to be a waste. This one wouldn’t allow baby to actually sit in any water so they basically froze to death instead of enjoying bath time. They’re all bulky and take up a lot of space. The best thing to do is to place a hand towel down in the regular tub, put a naked baby on it, turn on the water and bathe baby in very shallow water with a washcloth. And no, I don’t think baby washcloths are necessary.

20. Diaper Genie

I’ve known few moms that genuinely thought a diaper genie was worth it. I can’t tell you how many of these things I see at garage and consignment sales. Just use a trash can and take the trash out often.

21. Travel Changing Pads

You know those changing pads you can buy just for travel? I’ve never used them. I’ve owned them, but never used them. To change a diaper on the go I always used a receiving blanket that I kept in my diaper bag.

23. Baby Blankets

Speaking of baby blankets, try not to buy them. Baby blankets are baby items you don’t need to buy because you will end up with A LOT of baby blankets, especially after a baby shower. Many people’s go-to baby gift is a blanket. You will drown in baby blankets, especially receiving blankets which are only good for catching baby spitup. However, I will say that if nobody ends up buying you some aiden + anais baby blankets… BUY THOSE. They’re so soft and versatile too!

22. Dishwasher Case for Bottle Parts

Even when I went back to work and was pumping/bottle feeding every day, I never used this thing. I always hand washed our stuff. I felt like the dishwasher didn’t clean our small parts as well as I could.

24. Pee Pee Tee Pee

This is in the category of baby clutter. If diaper changing pee-peeing is a problem, keep a stack of prefolds or receiving blankets nearby (I guess they do have a purpose after all!). They’re also absorbent and will clean the mess at the same time as containing it. Without having to buy one more thing.

25. Boppy

Finally, on this awesome list of 25 baby items you don’t need to buy, I’ll leave you with the Boppy. I found the Boppy anything but helpful for breastfeeding. In fact, the only thing I found my Boppy to be helpful for was for postpartum sitting. You know, that first week after having a baby (especially your first baby ) you’re so sore – bruised, swollen, tender, etc. Sitting on the boppy was helpful because it was like sitting on a donut – there was no pressure in the middle. I sat on my boppy so much that it was pretty deflated looking when I was done with it. If you’re looking for a great breastfeeding pillow try this one.

Here are 25 baby items you don't need to buy. (Maybe you'll disagree about some of these things, but overall... I think you can live without them.)


Alright, I’m ready. Do you disagree with my list of 25 baby items you don’t need to buy? Leave a comment and let me know.

PS – Check out my natural baby registry to see what I think you SHOULD buy.


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

On the list of 25 unnecessary baby items, I find it hilariously ironic that you say baby blankets aren't needed, as well as crib sets (which I agree with), but then say to buy a crib skirt (the purpose??) and baby blanket from Aden and Anais.

There are a few items that are completely useless, like baby cologne or a wipe warmer that dries out wipes (I have a hard enough time watering plants... let alone remembering to keep these moistened), but I actually loved and wouldn't go without most of the items on this list for my firstborn.

1. The boppy, the only way I could get him to participate in tummy time without screaming. 2. Newborn socks, as his feet were too chunky for pants with feet, were a godsend. 3. The newborn hairbrush not only stimulates hair growth but also helps reduce the chances of cradle cap. 4. My parents were always tell me they want to keep my son a couple of days at a time and the travel changing mats are amazing for just sending the necessities while traveling (or having one in each car if you swap frequently so you don't have to tote everything with you, for toddlers this is great and I use it a lot with my sister as it holds diapers, 1 change of clothes, a small thing of diaper cream, and wipes). The newborn towels and washcloths are all I could use as well because my son has very sensitive and eczema-prone skin, as do I and my sisters. 5. I would have to agree with the bouncing feature of the listed chair. My son hated swings, as well as the bouncing, but the vibrating aspect was great for him (and the only thing that helped with gas/poop discomfort!). We now call them the poop chairs and have one at each house we visit frequently.


Monday 6th of March 2023

You just saved my life. I'm a woman of minimal things and I like it that way. Less to deal with and frivolous things are pointless to me. I have so much of half the items you spoke of and I may use one out of them all. My sister in law is pregnant and now I can help her not get all the crap I have piled up for my babe. Thank you so much!! ❤️

Lindsey VanAlstyne

Saturday 18th of March 2023

haha you're welcome! glad I could help. :)

Ashlie Weleschuk

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

I find the baby tub easier on my back then bending over big tub and my sinks are to small to bath my babies, so I have a baby tub and baby towels but givin as gifts never bought for myself .. the diaper genie I like because I dont like to run my trash out every time baby poops as well as the Boppy again for my back and arms getting tired from holding baby up

Lindsey VanAlstyne

Wednesday 9th of September 2020

Thanks for your feedback! This is great!


Wednesday 26th of February 2020

Thank you for this list! I'm on to my 3rd child now and I 100 percent agree with you!! I enjoyed reading it and had some laughs! Stuff I wish I knew before becoming a mom. You're so right, well done!

Lindsey VanAlstyne

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

haha thank you! I'm glad you found it funny and helpful. :)


Thursday 12th of September 2019

You should take your recommendation for the rock n play off this list. They have been recalled due to infant fatalities...

Also, baby robes, while perhaps impractical, are frickin’ adorable.

Lindsey VanAlstyne

Friday 13th of September 2019

So true! Thanks for the tips.