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What is Morning Sickness?

The first time I experienced morning sickness I was shocked by how bad it made me feel. As the weeks progressed and my morning sickness lingered, I felt less excited about my pregnancy. I thought I would never feel better again.

Going into my second pregnancy I had a better idea of what to expect and knew more about how to minimize my suffering. It was still hard, but much more manageable the second time around.

After my second child was born I started asking questions. I interviewed neighbors, parents in my childbirth classes, doula clients and did a lot of research. I was determined to learn as much as I could about the best ways to reduce morning sickness. I never imagined I would actually find answers – things that work.

But I did.

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What is Morning Sickness?

Morning Sickness eBook Blog Post 1

morn·ing sick·ness

Morning sickness is an early symptom of pregnancy that many, but not all women experience. Typical onset of morning sickness is in the first trimester, around 6-8 weeks pregnant, and goes away some time in the second trimester. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting and a bad attitude.

For me, morning sickness felt like I had really low blood sugar – as if I were nauseated and weak because I hadn’t eaten in a while. 

My first experience with morning sickness was so unlike what I had expected that I didn’t even know I was experiencing it. I kept eating and eating, trying to make my blood sugar increase and the nausea disappear… but it didn’t go away!

That’s when I realized that I had morning sickness for the first time.