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12 Free Birth Affirmations for New Moms

Mother Rising’s beautiful, free birth affirmations encourage and strengthen parents as they navigate through one of the most wonderful and difficult journeys of their lives. The heart expands with love while the body simultaneously pushes beyond its perceived limits – it’s quite the experience!

For new moms, stepping into the unknown of childbirth is exciting, but also intimidating and even scary. For moms that have been there and done that, it can still be intimidating because you know what’s possible. Birth affirmations are a tried and true way to eliminate fear by speaking truth and life into the mind, body, and spirit.

How to Use Birth Affirmations

Wondering how to use these cards for your labor and delivery?

  • Save these beautiful affirmations on your phone to scroll through during pregnancy and birth.
  • Print them at your local drugstore – they easily make 4″x6″ affirmation cards!
  • Hang birth affirmations around the home – on the fridge, on a mirror, in the car – wherever you go every day!
  • Have your birth team repeat these phrases to you as a reminder of what is possible.
  • Hang them around your birthing space for a more serene birth environment.

Below are a set of 12 free birth affirmations – a gift from Mother Rising to you! I hope you find them to be an encouragement on your beautiful journey to motherhood. If you like these, check out my Etsy shop for lots of printables – birth affirmations, bible verses for birth, bible verses for new moms, and more!

One Contraction at a Time

We can often cause suffering for ourselves when we look ahead and try to anticipate what’s coming – in life and in birth. This is easy to do during the throes of childbirth when we find out what labor contractions feel like. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and defeated, bring yourself to the one moment that matters – right now. Use the free birth affirmation below to bring yourself to the present moment, which is much more manageable than the entire birth.

One contraction at a time. One breath at a time.

My Body Knows

Our bodies innately know how to give birth. For example, when it’s time to push, the body JUST DOES IT. It’s called the fetal ejection reflex (LOL) and it’s like a switch that gets flipped on. Your body knows how to birth your baby.

My body knows how to birth my baby.

Good Strong Contractions

Contractions are powerful and painful – so different than Braxton Hicks contractions – and it’s easy to want them to not be strong. However, strong contractions bring baby down and out – which is what we want! The contractions may feel negative, but really they’re doing such a wonderful, positive thing – bringing our babies!

Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.

As It Should

We can plan our births all we want, but in the end we are not fully in control. At some point, it’s necessary to “let go” to what our body is doing and accept what is. For whatever reason, our births will happen exactly as they should.

My birth will go exactly as it should.

I Am Ready

Ready or not, here baby comes! Do any of us ever feel totally ready? No. But you’re perfectly ready in many other ways. You have been specifically chosen to bring this specific baby earthside. You are so ready, mama.

I am ready to meet my baby.

Brave and Courageous

There are moments during birth that require bravery and courage – like moving the body even when it hurts, asking for help when you don’t know what to do, or totally surrendering to the sensations of pushing – without holding back. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of, my friend. You are brave and courageous.

Free birth affirmation - I am brave and courageous.

The Way Out

The phrase “the way out is through” is a simple phrase, but a big one in birth (and life!). Throughout labor we often try to find ways to make labor hurt less or be comfortable – as we should. However, you’ll eventually begin to notice that there’s nothing you can do to make it hurt less or be more comfortable – it just gets more and more intense. This part of labor is called transition. Eventually, women accept that they only way out of the pain is through the pain. When we get to that point, that’s when the magic happens.

Free birth affirmation - the way out is through

Women Around the World

It is a great comfort to know that we are not alone doing the hard work of bringing life into the world. I once heard that at any given moment there’s 100,000 other women giving birth at the same time! Take heart, you’re not in this alone – our sisters are in it with us too.

Free birth affirmation - women around the world are birthing with me right now.

The Birth My Baby and Body Need

This phrase embraces a little bit of the unexpected, which comes to every. single. birth. We don’t know exactly what will happen, but it’s important to remember that our bodies and babies have needs we need to embrace.

Free birth affirmation - I am ready for the birth that my baby and body need.

I Am Opening

The phrase “I am opening for my baby” is helpful during birth for two reasons. The first is that it’s a reminder to relax the face, shoulders, hands, and pelvic floor to let the body do its thing. The second is a reminder of why we are letting the body do its thing – there’s a baby coming! It’s easy to get caught up in the intensity of birth and forget about what we’re even doing – seriously! It’s helpful to have these reminders throughout the stages of labor.

Free birth affirmation - I am opening for my baby.

I Am Loved

Just as you (will) deeply love your baby, it’s helpful to remember you are as deeply loved as your baby is, too. You are seen, known, and loved, dear friend.

Free birth affirmation - I am deeply loved.

I Can Do Anything

If childbirth feels daunting, just remember that we can do just about anything for one minute. One minute at a time. No more, no less.

Free birth affirmations - I can do anything for one minute.

More Birth Affirmations

Again, if you liked these birth affirmations, head on over to my Etsy shop for more options! I have more birth affirmations, but also bible verses for birth for those that find their hop scripture.

Free Birth Affirmations from Mother Rising

I hope these free birth affirmations are helpful and encouraging! Wherever you find yourself in the journey to motherhood, remember to say positive and encouraging things to yourself, just like you would your own child. You can do it!