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25 Pregnancy Thoughts From A First Pregnancy | Mother Rising

25 Pregnancy Thoughts

Below are 25 things I thought about while pregnant with my son, Gabriel, during the final months.

What stood out to you during your first pregnancy? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

1. I thought that being pregnant would feel more “romantic”. The first half has been far from romantic.

2. I never thought that peeing my pants would become normal for me. I have “stress induced incontinence” which was realized while I was throwing up (morning sickness) and when having extreme coughing fits (thanks, husband, for the cold).

3. I really am trying very hard to do a ton of Kegels every day. See #2.

4. I have become a better “waiter”. Being pregnant you’re always waiting for something. Waiting for morning sickness to leave, waiting for your next appointment, waiting to hear the heartbeat for the first time, waiting to see the baby on the ultrasound, waiting to feel the first kick. I have found that enjoying every day as it comes is MUCH better than hyper focusing on some date in the future.

5. I am completely blown away by how cool was to see Matt’s reaction to feeling our baby boy kick (his first time). I think he was more excited than I was. I love watching him grow into being a Daddy.

6. I can’t get enough of the strange advice, odd looks, and horror stories that I hear from others. I was told not to run in the parking lot, that I was crazy for wanting a med-free birth (should I tell them I want a water birth?? lol), and was even told a still birth story. Pregnancy and childbirth has a way of creating a community around you, albeit alarming at times.

7. My favorite inappropriate comments have all been from the same person. Here are some really good ones, “”Where are you going to put your baby? Your house is so small.” (Our house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms)”, “I can already see it in your face” (10 weeks and I was just as skinny as I always have been), “You shouldn’t fly when you’re pregnant. It can cause your baby to die.” (In regards to a flight to Iowa when I’m 27 weeks). Ah, the giggles.

8. I am addicted to feeling my baby move. I think it could be comparable to taking a drug – it makes me feel elated.

9. The only way I can explain how it feels to feel my baby move is that it is like a muscle spasm, or like feeling your pulse (except that it’s more irregular).

10. I have always wanted to be pregnant, to experience childbirth, and to be a mother. Even though I have always wanted these things, I am still mentally adjusting to it all. It can be very overwhelming.

11. There are more kinds of cloth diapers out there than I ever knew. It makes my head spin. (Update: Bumgenius Freetime diapers are handsdown my favorite!)

12. Saying cloth diapers aloud to people gets fun reactions. Try it some time.

13. I have discovered that I despise the smell of deer meat cooking (fried or jerky). It’s so gross. So is frying fish in my house. So is dog vomit made up of fish guts. (Long story.)

14. I was at Target last night (in the baby section) and I saw a fellow pregger. I felt connected to her, although I am sure we would never be friends.

15. My husband is awesome – he went to Wal-Mart at night to get me a humidifier because I couldn’t sleep (apparently I was so stuffed up I was moaning in my sleep). I don’t have middle of the night ice cream cravings; I just need the basics people – oxygen.

16. I know all about what it’s like to be pregnant and have a tilted uterus. We can talk about it over coffee some time.

17. I am so happy I am a doula. It’s like a get out a jail free card in response to all the strange advice, odd looks, and horror stories (see #6). For example, a friend, family member, or complete strange may say, “oh my gosh, you’re not having your baby in a hospital?” to which I can reply, “It’s OK ma’am, I’m a doula. I know what I’m doing.”

18. I know a lot about my body, and I like to do experiments with it. I was able to induce ovulation by mimicking the phases of the moon in my bedroom while I slept. I darkened my room for the first 14 days of my cycle and then used the light of my cell phone as the “moon light” for a few nights. You can read more about that here. I keep wondering what would happen if I did that at 40 weeks pregnant.

19. I know of nobody in real life who does things like #18.

20. I have online friends. It doesn’t faze them much when I tell them about #18. If anything, they actually GET it. Some of my online friends are pregnant as well. I met up with one of them after doulaing at my BFF’s birth. I try not to share this information with RL (real life) people. I get more strange looks.

21. I really have no idea what my life will be like from now on. I am a little scared and intimidated by it all, but at the same time I can’t wait. I think it’s a little scary for me because I can’t plan for it, and I can’t organize it. I think all I need to do is keep walking and do the next best thing.

22. Pregnancy has made me lose my mojo. Luckily for you, I won’t elaborate on that.

23. My emotions are INTENSE. Sometimes I feel a little out of control. It’s kinda fun.

24. I think I am having this baby on July 1st. My “due date” is June 22nd. (update – he was born on the 25th!)

25. I am praying that I don’t have to go back to work after I have the baby. As of right now, our plan is for me to take my 12 weeks of FMLA and go back after. It seems impossible for me to be able to stay home. God can answer impossible prayers. Pray for us? (update – I work from home now!)