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Learn the foundational elements to a natural postpartum, how to navigate common postpartum complaints, ways to create a smooth transition into motherhood and much more!

Resources for The First Few Weeks Postpartum

Here are some of Mother Rising’s best articles for the first few weeks postpartum, navigating postpartum bleeding, swelling, bruising, tearing, and suturing on our tender lady bits.

Postpartum Mental Health Resources

Postpartum recovery includes mental health too. Use the following resources to ensure mental health for new parents is a priority. When we prioritize physical recovery along with mental health, a more holistic transition to motherhood is created.

The First Year Postpartum Resources

The leap from 0 babies to 1 baby is very challenging! Having a baby impacts every single aspect of our lives – everything, even food and clothing! Here are Mother Rising’s best articles and recipes for the first year after birth.

Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding is natural, but boy can it be tricky. Here are Mother Rising’s best resources, tips, and advice for your breastfeeding journey!

Postpartum Archives

Here’s the latest on postpartum from Mother Rising!