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How to Feel Better During Pregnancy, Naturally

Feeling poorly during pregnancy can quickly overshadow the excitement of a new baby on the way. These natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms will help new mothers feel better and enjoy pregnancy once again!

These are the topics we will tackle in this article. Let’s get started!

Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

Feeling poorly during pregnancy can quickly overshadow the excitement of a new baby on the way. These natural remedies for pregnancy will help new mothers feel better quickly! #pregnancy #morningsickness #firsttrimester #backpain #secondtrimester #insomnia #thirdtrimester #musclecramps #braxtonhicks #anemia #newmom #momlife

Morning Sickness

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. When I experienced this for the first time I was shocked at how gross I felt! For me, morning sickness was like a hangover that lasted for four months. Yuck!

The thing with morning sickness is that one remedy may work for one woman, but not for another. Having a list of remedies all in one place saves time and energy (early pregnancy energy is a precious commodity!).


In subsequent pregnancies, as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test I began to feel anxious, worriedly anticipating the symptoms of morning sickness. Ironically, my anxiety made me feel nauseous and gross, therefore amplifying the morning sickness symptoms that I had begun feeling.

Anxiety is no fun, but especially not during pregnancy. That’s why I compiled a list of holistic remedies that will kick anxiety to the curb. From acupuncture, to art therapy, and essential oils, you’ll bound to find a solution that minimizes the symptoms of anxiety, if not eliminates them completely.

If you use essential oils, you’ll love this recipe for a postpartum anxiety aromatherapy spray. It smells amazing!


Another one of my very early pregnancy signs was unfortunately, insomnia. Insomnia – not being able to sleep at night despite being tired – frustrated me to no end! It’s like my brain switch to “on” most mornings around 3 am.

If you want to know how to sleep better when pregnant – in the first, second and third trimester – head on over to my post all about pregnancy sleep. There are so many tips and tricks on that post, you’re bound to find something you haven’t tried.

Back Ache

If you have experienced back ache prior to pregnancy, you’re more likely to continue to feel this pain throughout pregnancy and on into motherhood. However, many women have found permanent relief from pregnancy back pain when they tried one or combination of these 13 natural remedies. If you’re looking for relief, but would like to avoid Tylenol during pregnancy, check out this 13 natural remedies for pregnancy back pain.

PS – If you’re hoping to avoid back labor, you MUST check out this post. You can thank me later!

Pregnancy Anemia

According to WebMD, “During pregnancy, your body produces more blood to support the growth of your baby. If you’re not getting enough iron or certain other nutrients, your body might not be able to produce the amount of red blood cells it needs to make this additional blood. It’s normal to have mild anemia when you are pregnant.”

Common symptoms of pregnancy anemia are extreme fatigue (that doesn’t lift after the first trimester) and feeling weak. Some may even feel mildly depressed. Often, natural remedies for anemia are much more effective than the typically prescribed remedy: an iron pill. While the body struggles with the synthetic iron, it easily absorbs iron from herbs, iron rich foods and iron cookware.

For lots of tips, food suggestions and even a how-to video to make an “anemia prevention brew”, hop on over here.

Group B Strep

Group B Strep can really throw a wrench into the best made (birth) plans. Did you know that many women have found success in preventing the bacteria from colonizing in the first place? Maybe you’ve already tested positive. Check out these remedies that can eliminate Group B Strep from the body. Re-test before birth for hopefully a negative result.

For the rest of you that are looking for alternative treatment options for Group B Strep during labor, here are what other mamas have tried.

Muscle Cramps

Nothing says third trimester like a charlie horse (a sever cramp in the legs) that throws a mama out of the bed at 3 am. Some women have pregnancy muscle cramps so bad that their muscles are still sore the following day! If this is you, I have a solution for these awful muscle cramps!

Check out this post for my favorite natural remedies for pregnancy muscle cramps.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton hicks contractions can easily be mistaken for real labor contractions. However, Braxton hicks contractions are practice contractions, but not labor. To determine if what you’re experiencing is braxton hicks contractions check out this post. Curious about what Braxton Hicks feel like?  Check this out.

If you need your braxton hicks contractions to go away, try some of these things first:

  • The first thing to drink a glass of water. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause braxton hicks contractions!
  • Rest. Too much activity, especially while dehydrated will absolutely cause the uterus to contract.
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath.

If your contractions do not go away after trying the above remedies, but actually are getting stronger and closer together you may be in labor. Check out this post to help you determine if you’re having signs of labor. It might be baby time!

If you determine you are in labor, you MUST read my extremely informative post The Doula’s Guide to the Stages of Labor. Let me be your virtual doula!

Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms