Postpartum Survival Kit

The first week postpartum can be really tough.  Parents are transitioning to taking care of a baby, the postpartum body is recuperating from quite the physical journey, there’s sleep deprivation and breastfeeding… basically it’s a little nutty.  Despite the chaos, mom’s two priorities are taking care of herself (going to the bathroom, taking the occasional shower, accepting food and drinks from friends family) and taking care of baby.  Everything else, is not mom’s concern.

After spending a week with my adorable new baby, and plenty of visits to the bathroom, for whatever reason I really wanted to share with you what I would consider a postpartum survival kit, in regards to our tender lady bits that is.

To the right is a picture of my basket that I leave in my bathroom that has everything I need for postpartum care.  Especially for first time moms, I thought this might be helpful to know and to give an idea of what to expect.

  • 1 Peri Bottle – use this instead of wiping with toilet paper. You can put warm water in it and it feels really nice.  If you use postpartum herbs, you can put your “tea” in there instead of just water.
  • Postpartum Herbs – My student midwife, Missy, gave me her herb blend.  I just used it in my peri bottle instead of water.  If you didn’t want to make your own, I know Earth Mama Angel Baby sells them.  If you’ve dealt with pregnancy and anemia check out this post for more postpartum herb ideas.
  • (not pictured) 6 Adult Diapers – For labor and immediate postpartum.  It’s so much easier to use these than try to use a pad in underwear when your bleeding is heavy.
  • 1 Package of Overnight/Heavy Flow Pads – After using the adult diapers I started wearing these.  They are huge, but perfect for the heavy flow you still have 1-2 days postpartum.
  • 1 Package of Regular Flow Pads – At a week postpartum my bleeding is pretty light but sometimes it’ll be a bit heavier.  Panty liners wouldn’t work at this point.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm – This stuff soothes and cools my lady bits and is refreshing.  I highly recommend it.
  • Earth mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray – Not as awesome as the balm, but it’s still fun to spray.  The smell is nice and it’s uplifting.
  • Wish Garden AfterEase – Holy after birth pains, Batwoman!  I definitely didn’t have that bad of cramping the first time around but for the first 1-3 days after having Eden I was literally having to breathe through the pain of the contractions/cramping.  Oy.  I think this herb blend helped… and when it wouldn’t cut it I took ibuprofen.
  • (not pictured) Flushable Wipes – Wipes are so much kinder than toilet paper and your behind will thank you when you have your first postpartum bowel movements.
  • Placenta Pills – So far I have noticed increased energy (if only my body could keep up with my energy!) and a decrease in anxiety.  There are so many benefits to placenta encapsulation.  Highly recommend it!

What did you have in your “basket”? Now that you have taken care of your “lady bits” don’t forget to feed you and your family! And, of course, few photos for fun…

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