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The Ultimate Fun Second Trimester To-Do List | Mother Rising

The second trimester is the golden trimester. Morning sickness fades, baby’s kicks are felt from the outside, an adorable baby bump emerges and the aches and pains are mostly delayed until the third trimester. The second trimester is for FUN! Use this ultimate fun second trimester to-do list to make the most of every week!

The Ultimate Fun Second Trimester To-Do List

Of course, this second trimester to-do list isn’t a race, much like the first trimester checklist. These things are not intended to be completed in a day, week or even a month. Take your time, and enjoy the process! You will never be this pregnant, with this baby ever again!

The second trimester is the golden trimester. Morning sickness fades, baby's kicks are felt from the outside, an adorable baby bump emerges and the aches and pains are mostly delayed until the third trimester. The second trimester is for FUN! Use this ultimate fun second trimester to-do list to make the most of every week!

Here is the ultimate fun second trimester to-do list!

Read a Favorite Pregnancy Book

When it comes to the best pregnancy books, the pregnancy books in the second trimester should be devoted to:

  • General Childbirth Education
  • Childbirth Methods
  • Building your Birth Team
  • Birth Stories and
  • Fitness

Check out my second trimester reading list to find a book that resonates with you!

Implement Gentle Exercise

If the first trimester knocked you on the rear-end, the second trimester is a good time to implement gentle exercise. Walking, hiking, swimming or prenatal yoga DVDs are excellent ideas and mostly free or inexpensive.

Resume Healthy Eating

Another side effect of the first trimester is that sometimes “eating healthy” is thrown out the window for the sake of survival. The thing that sounded appealing may or may not have been the healthiest thing for a pregnant woman to eat. But you did it… because survival.

However, now that morning sickness symptoms have peaked and have gone away (or are hopefully subsiding), the second trimester is a great time to resume healthy eating. If…

Book a Prenatal Massage

A favorite on this second trimester to-do list is to book a prenatal massage. Ladies, trust me on this, you should have a prenatal massage at least once per month during pregnancy. (And don’t forget about postpartum massages!)

The benefits of prenatal massage include feeling more relaxed, less anxious and can relieve typical pregnancy aches and pains. Massage releases lots of feel good hormones like oxytocin – which your unborn baby will experience too!

TIP:  Be sure to hire a massage therapist with training specific to pregnancy to keep mom and baby safe.

Hire a Doula

One of my favorite things on this second trimester to-do list is to interview and hire a doula. Doulas are amazing and are an invaluable resource for a woman during the childbearing year.

I suggest interviewing 2-3 doulas. Not only will you find the perfect doula for labor and delivery, but you will have tapped into your community’s resources for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Head on over to to start your search!

Sign Up for a Childbirth Class

Another fun thing to add to your second trimester to-do list is to sign up for and take a really good childbirth class. Hopefully, the area where you live has good options.

TIP:  Make sure to sign up for a class that will be completed by the time you are 37-38 weeks. Don’t wait until the last second!

TIP:  Don’t sign up for the first class that comes your way. Ask around and try to find ALL the options available in your area. Ask doulas and other birth professionals what class they recommend and WHY. At some point it will become clear which option is your best bet.

Establish Care with the Best Provider

Now that you’ve read a book, started feeling better, hired a doula and investigated childbirth classes, you likely have a good idea of what you are looking for in a care provider.

It may seem a bit backwards to hire a care provider in the second trimester, but many women don’t know what they want until they become educated on their options.

If you have already established care, this may be a good time to re-evaluate to make sure that this person that you’ve hired is, in fact, the best choice. It is simple to change care providers in the second trimester. It’s a different story at 40 weeks.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today!

Book an Ultrasound

I used to be that person that swore off ultrasounds because they have not been proven 100% safe by the FDA. Having an ultrasound for the sake of an ultrasound (aka medically unnecessary) didn’t seem wise to me at the time.

I still believe that to be true, to some extent, but after battling infertility I now totally understand how an ultrasound can be insanely helpful to alleviate the unknown. Also, I think having at least one ultrasound, around 20 weeks, can confirm a low risk pregnancy – which is especially helpful when planning for a homebirth.

No matter what your take on ultrasounds is, I think we can all agree that seeing a glimpse of your unborn baby is very exciting and helps make the whole thing feel “more real”.

Plan a Gender Reveal

In my most recent pregnancies I had a good handful of ultrasounds deemed medically necessary because I was high risk. It was VERY FUN and we even had an opportunity to guess the sex of my tiny unborn baby. We were right! We confirmed at our 20 week ultrasound that the 12 week ultrasound guess was correct.

During my second pregnancy we found out we were having our first girl at a gender reveal photoshoot. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!

If the opportunity presents itself, plan a gender reveal with friends and/or family. It’s a lot of fun to celebrate new life!

Schedule a Maternity Photoshoot

Another fun thing to add to a second trimester to-do list is to schedule a maternity photoshoot.

Scheduling maternity photos may be as simple as marking a day on the calendar in the early/mid third trimester and having a friend take photos of your sweet changing body and family.

Or scheduling maternity photos may look like booking a photographer for a full blown maternity photoshoot.

Whatever you choose and no matter how you feel about your body, just take some pictures. One day you will look back on this pregnancy with wonder! What an amazing, miraculous time of life.

Pick a Pediatrician

Ok, so maybe picking a pediatrician isn’t the most fun thing on this second trimester to-do list, but picking a pediatrician, or at minimum beginning the process of choosing a doctor for your unborn baby, is important.

Many parents do not know how to choose a pediatrician or what to look for in a family doctor. A great place to start is with the topic of vaccinations.

What is a doctor’s vaccination philosophy? As a parent, what is your philosophy? If you have yet to research vaccinations in regards to your child(ren), The Vaccine Book is a great place to start.

TIP:  If the decision to vaccinate your child(ren) is easy for you, you likely haven’t done enough research.

Attend Cloth Diaper Workshop

Unless elimination communication is on the table, one thing we know for sure is that diapers of some sort will be needed. It’s best to start registering and planning for diapering beginning in the second trimester.

A prerequisite to registering for a baby is to attend a cloth diaper workshop. A cloth diaper workshop will walk parents through the ins and outs of cloth diapering. Questions will be answered and the process of diapering a baby will become demystified.

I would not recommend learning about cloth diapers by googling “cloth diapers”. There are so many types, brands and philosophies for cloth diapering. And don’t get me started about how to clean said diapers…

To avoid cloth diaper overwhelm, attend a local cloth diaper workshop.  At minimum, this will help to decide if cloth diapering is the best for your family. Once the diapering decision has been made, registering for baby will be that much easier! You’ll know exactly what you want and how much of it to register for.

Attend Babywearing Workshop

An additional prerequisite for registering for baby is to attend a baby wearing workshop. Just like cloth diapering, baby carriers come in many varieties and sizes that may or may not work for each parent/family. It can be overwhelming!

If you are fortunate to have a baby wearing group or workshop in your area, rejoice! This is a treasure trove of information and advice that can be accessed for FREE.

At a babywearing workshop you can touch, try on and learn how to use a carrier safely. And just an FYI, not all carriers on the market are safe for infants.

TIP:  My favorite baby carrier for an infant under $100 is this one.

Register for Baby

Now that you’ve begun researching baby gear, the next task on this second trimester to-do list is to create a natural baby registry.

I prefer Amazon’s baby registry because…

Plan Babymoon

The grand finale task on a second trimester to-do list is to take a trip, vacation, weekend away – whatever you want to call it – before baby makes three (or four?).

As you’ve heard, having a baby changes everything. And sometimes in order to integrate what has happened so far, it’s necessary to exit the normal day-to-day routine and take a breather.

Go alone, with your partner or even a family member or friend. Find a relaxing location that sparks joy and take a moment to breathe. You deserve it!

The Ultimate Fun Second Trimester To-Do List

Just to recap, here are the 15 things to do on this ultimate fun second trimester to-do list!

  1. Read a favorite pregnancy book.
  2. Implement gentle exercise.
  3. Resume healthy eating.
  4. Book a prenatal massage.
  5. Hire a doula.
  6. Sign up for a childbirth class.
  7. Establish care with the best provider.
  8. Book an ultrasound.
  9. Plan a gender reveal.
  10. Schedule a maternity photoshoot.
  11. Pick a pediatrician.
  12. Attend a cloth diaper workshop.
  13. Attend a babywearing workshop.
  14. Register for baby.
  15. Plan a babymoon.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you would add or subtract from this second trimester to-do list!

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Monday 10th of April 2017

[…] (Prenatal massage is one of the happiest things on my ultimate FUN second trimester checklist.) […]

Amy Wilkins

Tuesday 7th of March 2017

Thank you for including prenatal massage on your list! I'm a massage therapist and I've seen so many friends go several pregnancies without ever knowing that they COULD get a massage, let alone knowing the benefits of it! Also, I've never had a woman complain about being able to lay prone for the first time in 2+ months.

Lindsey Morrow

Friday 31st of March 2017

You're welcome!

j. Caleba

Sunday 5th of March 2017

I was really enjoying your blog until I came across the sentence "TIP: If the decision to vaccinate your child(ren) is easy for you, you likely haven’t done enough research." I'm very disappointed in YOUR lack of research if you think not vaccinating is a good idea. I'm very open minded to many of your ideas and views on this blog, but as a doctorate level medical professional with an entire family of doctors to go along with me, I have yet to find a legitimate study that would give me any pause to vaccinate my kids. I understand that this is a holistic blog, but to tell people they just haven't done enough research if the decision to vaccinate is easy is plain absurd. Diseases that were nearly eradicated from effective vaccine programs are on the rise as a result of easily manipulated, "crunchy" pseudo-educated parents buying into articles that just aren't based in fact and neglecting to understand what evidence based research is or how to understand the results. My kids will absolutely be vaccinated, but to each his own. I understand that some people just don't want to do certain things for different reasons, but to imply that my immediate reaction to the question if I should vaccinate my kids or not is because I haven't done enough research says to me that you are the lesser educated. I really liked this blog until I read that sentence but now it turns me off.


Saturday 1st of April 2017

There's a difference between just doing what the doctor says when the doctor says to do it and taking the time to do some research. My parents decided to not vaccinate me for Hepatitis (any of them) when I was a kid because of where and how we lived. Now that I, as an adult, have moved to a third-world country where the water isn't clean and lots of folks have a general lack of health (because of a general lack of medical care), I have been vaccinated for those as an adult.

Additionally, vaccines *are the virus.* Here they actually use live strains which leave a scar on your shoulder. (If you don't have that scar, people assume you haven't been vaccinated.) Is it smart to pump your child full of 20 different illnesses at once when they're under a year old and hope they survive them? Or is it smarter to opt for a more spread out schedule where you let the child recover from one before hitting them with another? As I said with my parents' choice, it probably depends on where and how you live. If you'll be placing the child in child care at 2 months when you go back to work, hitting those vaccines before the baby is exposed to other children might be a good idea. However, if you'll be a SAHM and it's your first child, then your list of contaminants is quite reduced.

Lindsay said to be informed, nothing more. (The content of that book she suggested might say otherwise, but as I haven't read it, I can't comment on that.)

Lindsey Morrow

Friday 31st of March 2017

I NEVER said parents should not vaccinate. Nor did I say they should. I am a huge proponent of informed consent and that does not end simply because the topic has changed from birth to vaccines. I hope parents are informed when they make the decision to vaccinate or not!


Friday 31st of March 2017

I agree!!!! I thought the same thing as I was reading this. As soon as I read that line, I said "I'm done with this blog."


Sunday 26th of March 2017

I too found that "tip" incredibly insulting. Won't be reading anymore of this website....

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