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Support for Natural Birth | Mother Rising

Hello and welcome! Thank you for clicking over to learn more about how Mother Rising can help you have a natural birth.

My name is Lindsey and I am the creator and founder of Mother Rising, a holistic pregnancy blog.

Locally, I teach childbirth classes, am a doula and I even encapsulate placentas (it’s secretly quite popular!). I have three kids and live with them in North Florida.

I have quite the varied birth experiences – I gave birth at a birth center, then at home and for my third birth I was transferred to a hospital! By the grace of God they were all unmedicated.

Mother Rising’s Mission

I hope that through Mother Rising you will have a healthy pregnancy, a natural birth and a happy postpartum. 

Don’t worry though, even if your experiences don’t match your expectations (does life ever really do that??), I teach compassionately and with wisdom so that you’ll rock whatever comes your way.

Get Started

As a childbirth educator, I specialize in teaching women pain coping practices, how to give birth without fear and with confidence.

The following are the top articles on Mother Rising that will help you have a natural, unmedicated childbirth.

How to Have an Empowered Natural Hospital Birth

5 Things Your OBGYN Won’t Tell You About How to Have a Better Birth and Postpartum

Braxton Hicks Contractions Symptoms

How to Prepare for a Cesarean Without Expecting One

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Birth

Snacks for Labor

3 {must have} Essential Oils for Labor

10 Things to NEVER Say to a Woman in Labor and What to Say Instead

How to Rock a Long and Difficult Birth

How to Labor at Home as Long as Possible

How to Get Through Transition Without an Epidural

How to Prevent Tearing During Birth

How To Push A Baby Out

The Truth About Delayed Cord Clamping

Birth Services

If you’re local please contact me to sign up for a childbirth class, doula support or placenta encapsulation.

Birth Affirmations

With you in mind, I created beautiful, printable birth affirmations to help you give birth naturally. Check them out!



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